Midwest Whitetail Daily - Mike Reed

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Mike Reed

2 Seasons

Follow Mike Reed through the season as he finds, patterns and attempts to harvest bucks.

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Mike Reed
  • Mike's Blog: A Familiar Face Returns | Two Close Calls with a Giant

    Mike Reed returns to the River Farm with hopes of catching up to his top target buck: Marino. In addition, a familiar face has returned. It's the big broken 4-year-old from last season. They've named him, "Dak." Then, after calling the morning hunt, Reed takes one last look and sees a shooter mak...

  • Mike's Blog: The Deer Have Us Surrounded | Awesome Iowa Cold Front

    Mike Reed is back at the Home Farm for an afternoon hunt in the Cherry Tree stand. Will he score? Freshly mowed corn and cooler temps have deer in the plot soon after the guys get setup. Mike is still after the "Turkey Foot 10," and with the deer on their feet early, the evening looks promising.

  • Mike's Blog: A River Farm Doe | Early Season Doe Management

    Episode 3

    Marino is very sporadic on the cameras. So, Mike Reed decides to begin some much-needed deer management on the River Farm. Doe down. Tag filled.

    1:00 Reed is getting ready to head in, and talks about his plans.

    2:00 He's hunting over an older food plot that was too wet to plant this season. It'...

  • Mike's Blog: An Antler Parade | Iowa Bucks Everywhere

    Episode 4

    Mike Reed heads back to the home farm for an afternoon hunt along the ridge-top Big 'N' Beasty plot. Deer are up and feeding early, and it makes for an exciting evening. The home farm is shaping up to be a deer paradise this season, and this particular evening produces a total of 22 deer, includi...

  • Mike's Blog: Big Doe Down | Some Really Sketchy Winds

    Episode 5

    Mike Reed heads to the home farm for an afternoon hunt, but not without a few complications. A drastic change in the wind forces the guys to get down immediately after hanging their treestands. So, they decided to head across the plot and hunt from the newly famous cherry tree stand instead. The ...

  • Mike's Blog: Some Rainy-Day Deer Hunting Action | A First Sit On the New Farm

    Episode 6

    Mike Reed and his cameraman, Zach, head to the river bottom farm to kick off the doe fest. Rainy conditions make the hunting tough, but the cooler temperatures seem to get the deer on their feet during the afternoon hunt. Reed grinds it out with anticipation of punching a doe tag.

    0:45 Reed talk...

  • Mike's Blog: Final Hit List | Countdown to the Grind

    With Iowa's statewide opener still a couple of days away, Mike heads back to the urban zone in hopes of filling at least a doe tag. While in the tree, Mike gives us an update on each of his farms and the bucks in which he plans to target for the first part of the season. The hit list is full of g...

  • Mike's Blog: New Mexico Elk | Urban Opener

    After returning from a 12 day New Mexico elk hunt, Mike heads to the urban zone in Iowa hoping to fill a few doe tags. As we wait for the action to pick up on the beans in Iowa we take a look at Mike's elk trip and the bull that he was able to harvest on the last day of the hunt.

  • Mike's Blog: The Legendary Marino Returns | The Stage Is Set for Deer Season

    Episode 9

    S2.E4. Mike Reid makes one last trip to the river farm to mow trails and hang another treestand. His anticipation for deer season only grows as a card pull reveals the return of Marino. With the season fast approaching, the stage is now set as Reid heads to New Mexico for an elk hunt.

    0:15 Reid ...

  • Mike's Blog: A Giant Buck Returns | Showing the Derecho Storm Aftermath

    Episode 10

    S2.E2. After a brutal wind storm hits southeastern Iowa, Mike Reid heads out to the home farm to survey the damage. With the lack of rain, Mike also becomes concerned about the survival of his food plots. Luckily, the day ends on a high note when Mike Reid pulls a card on the farm, revealing a ve...

  • Mike's Blog: Home Farm Scouting | Final Deer Season Preparations

    Episode 11

    S2.E3. After much hard work in the summer heat, Mike Reid's home farm is finally ready for the upcoming season. He explains recent projects that have taken place on the farm and makes his prediction for a hopeful harvest out of "The Cherry Tree" stand, which sits above his new favorite food plot....

  • Mike's Blog: The River Bottom Farm | High Anticipation for the 2020 Season

    Episode 12

    S2.E2. After acquiring new ground that borders Jared Mills' and Mike Reed's existing River Farm, anticipations are high for the upcoming season. With the 2019 season producing not one, but three mature bucks, Reed looks toward the 2020 season with hopes of similar results. He also catches us up o...

  • Mike's Blog: First Card Pull | Big Surprises

    Episode 13

    S2.E1. Mike Reed kicks off the season by heading out to film velvet in hopes of seeing the bucks he recently got on his Cuddeback cameras. He also updates us on the recent projects he's completed on the home-place.

    1:30 Reed is in the field, and he's hoping to film some big velvet deer.

    2:00 He...