Midwest Whitetail Daily - Josh Sparks

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Josh Sparks

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Follow Josh Sparks as he finds and hunts mature bucks in Iowa.

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Midwest Whitetail Daily - Josh Sparks
  • Public Land Blog | Self Filmed Disaster

    Max heads in to a new piece of timber for a morning hunt. His self filmed hunt quickly turns into a nightmare when a giant emerges from the thicket behind him.

  • Public Land Blog | Pair of Shooters

    Max heads back into a familiar ridge where he and josh encountered multiple shooters a few days prior. Ideal conditions lead to an exciting morning and yet another close call.

  • Public Land Blog | Did We Miss Our Chance?

    Josh and Max head back to the same stand that they saw the two shooters previously. Deer movement picks up right away and the guys encounter another shooter walking on a doe's trail. After they close the hunt and are about to climb down, Josh looks up and sees yet another shooter buck dogging a d...

  • Public Land Blog | Getting Close, Cruising Bucks

    Josh and Max head in for another all day sit. Its November and the bucks are cruising, it is only a matter of time before the guys get their shot!

  • Public Land Blog | Multiple Shooters

    On arguably the best day of the year, Josh and Max head in to the hardwoods on the public on the body of water. Setting up on the edge of a bedding area, the guys hope to catch bucks cruising. Not only do they find bucks, but they are fortunate enough to encounter multiple shooters.

  • Public Land Blog | Ridge-top Action

    Josh and Max head back to the ridge-top stand where they hope to find rut activity. A morning full of deer is just what they needed to keep their hopes high as they move forward into November.

  • Public Land Blog | November Has Arrived

    November starts off on the wrong foot for the guys as they get to their stand well after daylight. However it only takes 5 short minutes for the first buck to cruise through. Eventually, they move sets and hope that this will be the spot they're able to tag their first buck of the season. At the ...

  • Public Land Blog | Bean Field Disappointment

    Exactly 365 days after he harvested his 2018 public land buck, Josh is elects to head back to the same bean field. With snow in the forecast, Josh and Max are confident that the deer will be headed for food, or at least they thought.

  • Public Land Blog | Rut Ramp Up

    Josh and Max head back to their newly found location after a great encounter the previous morning. Another cool morning proves productive as the guys encounter yet another shooter on the public!

  • Public Land Blog | Frosty Morning Shooter

    After a great encounter the evening before, Josh and Max head back to the same spot for the morning hunt. With cold temps, the guys hope to encounter a mature buck making his way back to bed. Their hope comes true when they spot a great buck walking away from their stand. After a few grunts and a...

  • Public Land Blog | First Chase

    Josh and Max head to a new public area in search of a spot with less pressure. The guys encounter their first signs of the upcoming rut as they have a beautiful young buck chase a doe right past them. After a great hunt, they decide to leave their stands up with intentions of revisiting the spot ...

  • Public Land Blog | First Morning Hunt

    For a change of scenery, Josh and Max decide to make an early morning move into the timber in hopes of gathering new intel for the upcoming week.

  • Public Land Blog | Scraping Doe

    With the right wind, Josh and Max sneak back to their bean field stand with hopes of catching a buck coming to work a scrape after the morning rain. The movement is good and the guys see multiple deer.

  • Public Land Blog | Last Minute Hunt, Field Full of Bucks

    After plans fell through, Josh and Max make a last minute decision to head back to the beans with hopes of encountering the shooter buck they've seen twice now. Despite getting in late, the guys have a bullet proof wind and good access allowing them to sneak and have an action packed hunt.

  • Public Land Blog | Round Two with a Shooter

    Josh Sparks goes back into the public land for another try at the big ten pointer he has been hunting there.

  • Public Land Blog | Making an Aggressive Move

    Josh and Max head back to the same public piece hoping to encounter the buck from the previous evening. With a different wind, the guys make an aggressive move and set up on the opposite side of the field with hopes of getting a shot.

  • Public Land Blog | Shooter in The Beans

    Josh and Max head out for their first sit of the 2019 season in Iowa. With multiple days of rain in a row and a major cold front, Josh heads to a field edge. The hope is to catch a mature buck up on his feet early to freshen scrapes in daylight.