Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen Reigler

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen Reigler

2 Seasons

Follow Owen Reigler as he prepares for the season and then hunts his top bucks. Every day. Every hunt.

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Owen Reigler
  • Owen's Blog: In Search of Uno

    Episode 1

    Owen is still chasing Uno; he heads back into the same blind where he encountered Uno earlier this month with hopes of a different result. Snow, cut corn, and the end of the lock-down period of the rut are all factors Owen is keying in on with tonight's setup.

  • Owen's Blog: Still Hunting Uno

    Episode 2

    Owen is back in a familiar set, after the buck named Uno. Although movement is heavy, and the bucks are on their feet, a shooter buck never shows.

  • Owen's Blog: New Country

    Episode 3

    Owen decides to switch things up and heads to a farm that he hasn't hunted in a long while. With the cold conditions, he spends the evening overlooking standing beans. The deer file out early, but a mature buck never follows.