Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills

3 Seasons

Follow Jared Mills throughout the off-season preparation and entire hunting season in this near-live format. Every day. Every hunt.

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills
  • Jared's Blog: Successful Rattling Sequence

    Episode 1

    With fairly slow movement early in the morning, Jared decides to do a rattling sequence. He looks up to see three bucks running to the base of his tree. It’s a new spot on the farm that he’s been wanting to try, and it’s a promising first sit.

  • Jared's Blog: The Perfect Funnel

    Episode 2

    On a blustery morning, Jared heads to a funnel on the new farm. The guys have seen some very good movement from their shooters from this spot. When a doe gets nervous early in the hunt, Jared takes the opportunity to get some meat for Thanksgiving.

  • Jared's Blog: Post-Rut Strategy

    Episode 3

    Jared and Josh spend the day at the new farm during ideal post-rut conditions.  For the afternoon, they sneak into a new spot overlooking a thick bedding area close to the main food sources.  The spot does not disappoint, as deer filter in all evening long.

  • Jared's Blog: Middle of the Farm

    Episode 4

    Jared and Josh pack in and head to the middle of the new farm. This is a spot that Jared has seen lots of deer activity in previous hunts. Right at last light, he sees two good bucks a few hundred yards away. With only two days left before gun season, he hopes to make a move on them.

  • Jared's Blog: Close Call with Rex

    Episode 5

    With only two days left before the guns seasons open, Jared and Josh head to the stand hoping to find a mature buck.  With an hour left in the hunt, Jared spots one of the older deer on the farm, and a few grunt calls has him headed their way.

  • Jared's Blog: A Big 8 Named Eli

    Episode 6

    With only one day left to bowhunt before the guns seasons open, Jared heads in for a morning hunt.  It turns out to be one of the most productive sits of the season.  Around mid-morning, the guys spot a big 8 they are very familiar with, headed their way.

  • Jared's Blog: Hunting While Scouting

    Episode 7

    With late muzzleloader season now open, Jared decides to start out with his bow. He chooses a spot on the new farm where he can see a long distance. The goal is to learn the late season movement, and get aggressive from there. The deer don’t start moving until Jared’s closing interview, and th...

  • Jared's Blog: Small Plot, Tons of Deer

    Episode 8

    With a front in the forecast, Jared and Josh head to his small family farm. It’s a small 1/3 acre Big N Beasty plot that Jared and his brother put in over the summer. With limited food in the surrounding area, the deer move early and often through the plot.

  • Jared's Blog: Canoe in, Hunt Bedding Area

    Episode 9

    Hunting with a bow during the late season can be challenging. Trying to do it without a good food source is even tougher. This is the challenge on Jared & Mike’s new farm. So, Jared & Josh get creative and put the canoe in the river. The guys get tight to the primary bedding cover, and the m...

  • Jared's Blog: Cold Weather

    Episode 10

    Mike begins his late season quest at his farm. He spends the first two evenings with his brother, overlooking standing corn plots. With frigid temperatures, the deer pile in. Mike plans to hunt with both his bow and muzzleloader, hoping to encounter some of the bucks he couldn’t catch up to du...

  • Jared's Blog: A Buck Called "66"

    Episode 11

    On Christmas day, Mike and his brother try a new spot from a Redneck blind. With plenty of food, Mike hope to see the buck he calls “66”. As the evening rolls on, the buck eventually makes an appearance. Not wanting to use the muzzleloader yet, Mike hopes he works into bow range.

  • Jared's Blog: A Buck Called Felix

    Episode 12

    Mike heads back to his farm hoping to catch up with one of his multiple shooters. He’s able to encounter multiple mature bucks, but ultimately decides to hold off. With the great conditions and food sources, Mike knows it’s only a matter of time until he gets an opportunity.

  • Jared's Blog: 66 in Bow Range

    Episode 13

    With the right wind and extremely frigid conditions, Mike and his brother head out after the buck he calls “66.” Shortly into the hunt, the deer begin to file out. Then Mike looks to the left and spots the buck he’s after walking right towards the blind.

  • Jared's Blog: Mobile Blind

    Episode 14

    In preparation for the upcoming weekend, Mike moves a Redneck Blind on a trailer. He’s hoping to catch “66″ on his feet but the hunt changes when the neighbor heads to the stand late into the hunt. By the end, Mike still sees multiple deer including a mature buck.

  • Jared's Blog: Short Brow 10

    Episode 15

    Mike heads back to the 66 Plot hoping to have another encounter with the buck. Despite the cold temperatures, the deer begin to move later than expected. He has another solid evening highlighted by his third encounter with the “Short Brow 10.”

  • Jared's Blog: Felix Encounter

    Episode 16

    Mike heads back to the same Redneck Blind where he’s encountered “Felix” multiple times. Despite the late deer movement, he encounters multiple mature bucks by the end of the hunt.

  • Jared's Blog: Crab Claw 10

    Episode 17

    Mike heads back down to his farm for the final day of his hunting season. The warm weather causes the movement to be slow with few buck sightings. Just as he thinks his season is over, he looks up and sees the “Crab Claw 10” working into range.