Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills

3 Seasons

Follow Jared Mills throughout the off-season preparation and entire hunting season in this near-live format. Every day. Every hunt.

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills
  • Jared's Blog: Rainy Day Bucks

    Episode 1

    With rainy conditions the morning of November 4th, Jared hunts deep in the timber in a classic rut spot. The bucks move as soon as the rain stops late in the morning.

  • Jared's Blog: Bucks and Cows

    Episode 2

    Jared hunts the Project Farm for the second day, and once again it produces a good hunt. He sets up in a creek bottom out of the wind. Over ten bucks and lots of cruising activity all day long makes for a good sit.

  • Jared's Blog: Hunting the First Snow

    Episode 3

    It's hard to draw up better conditions for November 9th. Jared and Brad hang stands deep on the peninsula, hoping to encounter the JJ/Marino buck.

  • Jared's Blog: Shooter Found

    Episode 4

    After a season of tough hunting without many good encounters, Jared finally gets one in sight. With the deer a few hundred yards away, Jared rattles and has the buck come in on a string!

  • Jared's Blog: Back in the Stand

    Episode 5

    After a few day break, Jared is back in the stand hoping to fill his landowner tag. The deer movement is great from the time they get into the stand.

  • Jared's Blog: Up Close and Personal

    Episode 6

    With a fresh 4 inches of snow, Jared takes the decoy out in hopes of finding a big deer out cruising. He and Brad set up in different trees, making for a cool perspective of the hunt.

  • Jared's Blog: Hunting the Pennisula

    Episode 7

    Hoping to encounter a river bottom cruiser, Jared heads to the back of the peninsula on a hang and hunt.  The buck movement is minimal, and Jared doesn't pass on an opportunity at a mature doe.

  • Jared's Blog: Rut Wind Down

    Episode 8

    Jared does a solo hang and hunt in a new spot on his farm. With the end of the rut nearing, Jared sets himself up near a number of different food sources.

  • Jared's Blog: Brad's Up to Bat

    Episode 9

    Brad Bever finally makes his Iowa residency official and is able to buy an archery tag.  He and Jared head back to the Project Farm, doing a hang and hunt along the creek.  Brad is hoping to take his first mature buck.

  • Jared's Blog: All or Nothing

    Episode 10

    In what could be his last hunt of the season, Jared goes all in after the JJ/Marino buck. There is only one tree they can make work, one of the gnarliest trees Jared has ever hung in.

  • Jared's Blog: Bottom of the Ninth, Brad's Biggest Buck!

    Episode 11

    Down to the final hours of the first bow season, Jared and Brad head to the Project Farm for one final hunt.  Brad has the bow in hand, and the guys do a hang and hunt in hopes of intercepting the deer moving out of the bedding.  With less than an hour left, a big mature 8 steps out a couple hund...

  • Jared's Blog: Hang & Hunt, Covered in Deer

    Episode 12

    After a long break, Jared finally gets a chance to head back to the stand. An aggressive hang and hunt puts him right in the middle of the action. About half hour before dark, a mature buck steps out and heads his direction.

  • Jared's Blog: First Deer of 2019

    Episode 13

    Jared and Justin set up in separate trees, targeting the JJ Marino buck. With the warm conditions, the deer movement is a little later, but they finally work their way into bow range.

  • Jared's Blog: Hot Doe Fawn, Project Farm Finale

    Episode 14

    With warm temps, Jared hunts the Project Farm one final time, hoping the deer will be browsing out in the cattle pasture. The action picks up when a chase breaks out after a doe fawn.