Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills

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Follow Jared Mills throughout the off-season preparation and entire hunting season in this near-live format. Every day. Every hunt.

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills
  • Jared Day 9: Bucks On The Move

    Jared and Grant hunt the river bottom farm for the second time this year hoping to catch up with "Marino" or "Gurley". As the night moves on deer start to funnel out early, including a solid four year old buck that Jared has had many trail camera pictures of. In addition, we take a look back from...

  • Jared Day 8: Hunting River Bottom Bucks

    Jared heads to the river bottom farm that he and Mike own for the first hunt of the year there for Jared. There are multiple targets showing up on camera, including Marino and Gurley. Jared's intern and cameraman, Grant Noble, also has his Iowa bow tag now, increasing the odds of the duo gettin...

  • Jared Day 7 : Windy Day Success

    While the conditions are not right for hunting the big deer Jared is after, he takes advantage of this time to fill his fourth doe tag of the season. Although it is very windy, Jared waits for his perfect shot opportunity and is able to place his arrow exactly where he wanted it.

  • Jared Day 6: Hunting His Bedding Area

    Jared and Grant slip in tight to to where they think the big deer has been bedding. Although conditions are not ideal, this deer has shown to be daylight active, which gives Jared confidence that this deer will show up.

  • Jared Day 5: The First Chase

    After giving the area a break for a few days, Jared has waited for the right conditions to slip in on his big buck. Although the buck was a no show, Jared and Grant spotted a nice three year old chasing a doe. With the cold front moving in, Jared plans to hunt this buck for the next few days.

  • Jared Day 4: Project Farm 2.0, A Big Buck Returns

    Jared and Grant hunt the new Project Farm for the very first time. They're hoping to learn how deer move through the place, and fill some doe tags. Jared picks a tree for a hang-and-hunt in the dark, and the action picks up shortly after daylight. Following the hunt, the guys work on setting up c...

  • Jared Day 3: Needing Venison, Long Track Job

    Jared and Grant head to the woods for a morning hunt, hoping to draw first blood of the year. It doesn't take long for the first mature doe to step out. As the morning wears on, Jared is able to release a second arrow as well. Things get interesting when the guys climb down and find that the firs...

  • Jared Day 2: A Wild First Encounter

    Jared is back after the giant deer is been hunting. With the perfect weather conditions, Jared decides to be aggressive and get in tight to his assumed bedding area hoping that his creative plan will be enough to get an opportunity.

  • Jared Day 1: Chasing A Giant

    Jared starts off the season hunting the first cold front of October. He is chasing a deer that he has known about for three years now, and it's the biggest whitetail he has ever hunted. There are a lot of challenges Jared is facing in this pursuit, making for an exciting story. Let the journey be...

  • Jared's Blog: Small Farm Update, Leaving For Elk Hunt

    Back on the small farm, Jared gives an update on the property he's been improving this year, including the plot screen along the road and creek bed plot. After burning a small portion of a field, he plants one last spot on the farm before he leaves for his Montana elk hunt.

  • Jared's Blog: Creating Deer Paths, Trail Cams, Plot Rescue

    On a brand new permission farm, Jared cuts trails within bow range to try to control the deer movement throughout the property. Then, he meets up with Mike at their farm to check cameras and create mock scrapes. While there, Jared tries to rescue struggling food plots in hopes of having some late...

  • Jared's Blog: Velvet Bucks, Taking Inventory

    Jared and the guys spend some time scouting fields trying to locate big velvet bucks. He also visits the river farm to check cameras and find out which bucks are back for 2019. One buck in particular has shown up and Jared and Mike are once again trying to decide if he is a familiar face.

  • Jared's Blog: Big Surprise on Camera, Velvet Filming, Planting

    Jared plants a summer plot (for fall production) and checks one of his trail cameras.

  • Jared's Blog: How to Improve a Small Property

    Back on his family farm, Jared gives an update on the Plot Screen planting and discusses what he's doing to increase the holding power of this property.

  • Jared's Blog: Turning A Creek Bed Into Food, Drone Crash

    Jared demonstrates the steps to turn a small creek bed into a food plot ton his family farm. He also crashes a drone in the process of filming the segment.

  • Jared's Blog: Screening a Road Plot

    On a small property, Jared's options to put in food are limited. One of the only areas to do so is right alongside a gravel road. Today's project is getting Plot Screen planted to provide a screen that will keep passing motorists from looking into the plot but more importantly, to keep the deer...