Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills

3 Seasons

Follow Jared Mills throughout the off-season preparation and entire hunting season in this near-live format. Every day. Every hunt.

Midwest Whitetail Daily - Jared Mills
  • Jared Day 32: One Final Try

    After backing off the “Marino” property for the season, Jared decides to give one last effort after the big ten pointer on what could be the final hunt of the season.

  • Jared Day 31: Marino in Bow Range (Again)

    After Mike missed "Marino" with his muzzleloader last night, Jared and Grant go back to the pinch-point stand in hopes that "Marino" will come within bow range. With the added pressure from last night on the other side of the farm, it may or may not happen. As multiple bucks filter through, the l...

  • Jared Day 30: The Final Marino Encounter?

    Jared Mills and Mike Reed try a new strategy while hunting "Marino" on the River Farm. Jared hunts the pinch-point where the odds are more in his favor with a bow. Mike is sitting over a food plot where he has a good vantage point with his muzzleloader. It doesn't take long for Jared and Grant to...

  • Jared Day 29: Last Minute Stand Switch

    Jared Mills only has five days left in his deer season. So, he heads to the River Bottom farm. He plans to get within bow range of "Marino." They planned on hunting in one spot, but trail camera pictures from the evening before redirected their stand choice. Watch to see how the hunt pans out.

  • Jared Day 28: Giant At Ground Level

    With pheasant hunters coming in to hunt the property that Jared is chasing this buck on, he is pressed for time harvesting this buck. Jared sneaks in the Redneck bale blind one last time to see if he can get a shot opportunity. Recent trail camera pictures show that the buck is bedded close by.

  • Jared Day 27: Heartbreaking Bowhunt for 6 1/2-Year-Old "Marino"

    Jared and Grant head back to the River Bottom Farm. They're hunting the same area where they had the encounter with "Bob" the previous evening. As deer filter through the peninsula, Jared spots a target buck heading his direction. It's Marino, but things don't go as planned.

  • Jared Day 26: Close Call, Too Many Deer

    Jared and Grant get in tight to the bedding area in hopes of seeing "Marino" within bow range. With deer on all sides of the tree, Grant's target buck appears out of the bedding area trailing a doe fawn. Despite all of the deer around them, Jared and Grant try to get away with swapping roles in t...

  • Jared Day 25: Giant Buck Chases Doe in CRP Field

    On December 26, Jared has very favorable conditions to go back after the big 10-point he's been chasing. Upon checking trail cameras, he finds out the deer is still alive. It made it through gun season. Jared sets up in a hay bale blind that he placed a few days prior. It isn't long before deer s...

  • Jared Day 24: Warm-Weather, Late-Season Deer Hunting

    Now that shotgun season is over, Jared Mills gets back in the treestand on the River Farm. Despite warm weather, Jared sees nearly every buck on the property, including 6 1/2-year-old "Marino." He also discusses his top three targets as we head into the final stretch of deer season.

  • Jared Day 23: Last Chance Ghillie Hunt, Bad Luck

    As shotgun season is only one day away, Jared decides to make one more attempt on this big deer on the ground. With perfect conditions, Jared slips into some thick CRP on the edge of a bean field while Grant Is about eighty yards away in a blind.

  • Jared Day 22: Ghillie Hunt, Buck Almost Steps On Cameraman

    On the third ground hunt for the big ten pointer, Jared and Grant find themselves back on a picked cornfield. With warmer temperatures, the deer start moving right at sunset. It doesn't take long for the bucks to work into range though, one being a little too close for comfort!

  • Jared Day 21: Close Call On Big Buck From The Ground

    For the second night in a row, Jared dons a ghillie suit to try and get close to the big buck living in open country. This time, he adjusts to a different food source and tucks himself into an adjacent CRP field. The deer movement is great, and in no time Jared is covered up in deer. While try...

  • Jared Day 20: Tough Pass, Ghillie Hunt

    Not wanting to pressure the big deer from the night before, Jared and Grant head to the Project Farm for a short morning hunt. Jared is tempted when a big mature buck strolls by at only 17 yards. For the last hour of daylight in the evening, the guys are back after the big 10 in the cornfield. ...

  • Jared Day 19: Decoying a Big Buck

    With time running out in the early archery season, Jared is doing everything he can to try and get on a big buck. Hunting a large picked cornfield, he decides to bring the decoy in hopes of bringing the buck into bow range. As the sun sets without a single deer sighting, the guys are shocked to...

  • Jared Day 18: Encounter with 6.5 Year Old Marino

    After a break for the holiday, Jared heads to his property with Max for the first hunt there in a while. Hoping to encounter Marino, Jared sets up in a spot with a lot of visibility right in the middle of his core area. Despite less than ideal weather, and daylight fading fast, the 6.5 year old...

  • Jared Day 17: Project Farm Double, Grant's First Iowa Deer

    Jared and Grant head to the Project Farm 2.0 in hopes of filling some doe tags they still have in their pocket. After Jared punches his turkey tag, Grant gets an opportunity at his first Iowa deer.

  • Jared Day 16: Moving Closer, Rattling in Bucks

    Jared pushes the envelope on the morning hunt, getting deep in a hardwood travel corridor. The action is non-stop as he rattles in multiple bucks. Then, for the afternoon hunt, the guys push in further for the big deer they encountered the night before. With just a little bit of light left, th...

  • Jared Day 15: Encounter With New Target Buck

    Jared and Grant get back in the woods hoping to an encounter a new target buck.  After another slow morning, the guys hang a set overlooking a cut cornfield.  It doesn't take long for the field to start filling up, and with an hour left in the hunt, a big ten steps out behind some does.

  • Jared's Blog: Mystery Giant Buck Dead, 10 Yard Ground Encounter

    As promised, Jared tells the full story of the mystery giant buck he has been hunting this season. With numerous encounters, including an unreal one at 10 yards on the ground, it was quite the journey chasing this incredible whitetail.

  • Jared Day 14: The Challenge of Hunting One Deer

    After Jared killed his buck on November 1st, the deer movement has been slower than expected for this time of year. Hunting a specific deer on a property that does not have a lot of deer can be very difficult. While Jared waits for the big deer to become more consistent, he focuses his attention ...

  • Jared Day 13: Big Bucks Chasing Does, Classic Rut Hunt

    For the first hunt of November, Jared heads to the river farm and sets up deep in the timber.  With fresh snow cover, cold temps, and bucks searching for does, it makes for a classic November rut hunt.  After a couple hours of non-stop deer activity including multiple chases, the guys spot a tall...

  • Jared Day 12: Cruising Bucks, First Snow

    Jared and Grant head into the cover of the peninsula on the river bottom farm in hopes of catching deer moving back to their bed. Throughout the morning they see several cruising bucks, including a mature buck Jared does not recognize. Later that afternoon Jared hunts the tree Mike shot "Gurley"...

  • Jared Day 11: Big Shed On Project Farm, Bucks Showing Up

    Jared and Grant head to the Project Farm 2.0 for a morning hunt to try to get a better understanding of the deer movement on the property. After Jared harvests his fifth doe of the season, he checks the Cuddelink system and finds that some mature bucks are frequently using the farm. With less tha...

  • Jared Day 10: Big Buck Update, Close-Up Snort Wheeze

    Jared and Grant head in to the river bottom farm for their first morning hunt targeting a buck. Action heats up quickly as bucks start chasing does and snort wheezing. Later that afternoon, Jared hunts the big buck and gives an update on the encounters he has had with him.