Hunt United

Hunt United

3 Seasons

Realtree United Country Land Pros are more than just real estate agents with suits and signs. They live and breathe the outdoors and hunting lifestyle. Whether they're selling land, or managing it, they aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Land pros work hard and play hard, and Realtree Hunt United is their story.

Hunt United
  • The Barn Buck | Lifelong Dream Come True | Hunt United

    Episode 26

    S2.E26. Realtree Land Pro Tondo Waldron fulfills his lifelong dream of shooting a buck out of a barn. He gets it done.

    1:00 Meet Waldron, and some of his goals and expectations.

    1:30 He reflects on purchasing a property, and the improvements he made. He optimized it for hunting.

    3:45 We take a...

  • Hogzilla Is Dead | Big Boar Down in the Mississippi Backwoods | Hunt United

    Episode 25

    S2.E25. Realtree United Country land pro Slade Priest bow hunts in his home state of Mississippi. And it's a huge one. Humongous hog down.

    0:05 Priest kicks things off by checking his bow. It's on.

    1:30 They head to the woods with a grudge, and if it has four legs and walks, it's in trouble.


  • A Big Diamond Island Rack Buck | Deer Hunting on the State Line | Hunt United

    Episode 25

    S2.E25. Realtree land pros Slade Priest and Cragg Fitz get an opportunity to hunt the famous Diamond Island. Fitz capitalizes on a great deer.

    0:30 Fitz and Priest arrive at Diamond Island. It's an amazing deer hunting destination.

    4:30 We take a look at a featured property, courtesy of Realtre...

  • Smiles for Piles | Duck Hunting in Louisiana With Great Friends | Hunt United

    Episode 2

    S2.E22. Top Realtree Land Pros travel to Louisiana to attend a once-in-a-lifetime duck hunt. Let's go, y'all.

    0:05 Slade Priest and company is ready for some waterfowl action.

    1:00 Everyone gathers their gear and heads afield.

    1:30 The shooting begins. All hail the sound of smacking ducks.


  • Big Bucks in the Show-Me State | Self-Filmed Deer Hunt | Hunt United

    Episode 3

    S2.E21. Producer Luke "Bear Cub" Mitchell returns home from a trip. Then, he heads straight to the treestand. He gets it done in grand fashion.

    0:05 Mitchell heads in. He slips in just prior to the arrival of a rainstorm.

    1:45 He's in the tree, and deer are chasing.

    2:45 We take a look at a fe...

  • A Self-Filmed Louisiana Rack Buck | Early Season Deer Hunting | Hunt United

    Episode 4

    S2.E20. Realtree Land Pro Ryan Wascom self-films a great hunt in his home state of Louisiana. It's a great deer, and a heckuva Pelican State adventure.

    0:05 Wascom explains his plans for the day.

    2:10 He gets done disking his food plot, and fills the seeder with fertilizer.

    3:10 We take a loo...

  • Hogs Ruin Our Deer Hunt | Big, Fat Pig Down | Hunt United

    Episode 5

    S2.E18. Realtree United Country Land Pro Ryan Wascom has hogs ruin his hunt in Louisiana. He switches gears, and draws back on a big piggy.

    0:05 Wascom intros the hunt, and explains their plans for the day.

    1:30 They're in the tree, and after an old buck.

    2:20 We take a look at a featured prop...

  • A Major Misfire in the Sooner State | Deer Hunting in Oklahoma | Hunt United

    Episode 6

    S2.E20. Slade Priest travels to the Sooner State to hunt with Fellow Realtree Land Pro Blake Merritt. Will it go great? Or will someone need a little redemption? Let's find out.

    0:05 Priest arrives in Oklahoma, and meets up with Merritt. They make a game plan, and then head in for the first morn...

  • Triple-Drop-Tine Buck in Kansas | Hunting Huge Pre-Rut Whitetails | Hunt United

    Episode 7

    S2.E18. Realtree Land Pro Slade Priest hunts Kansas for the 13th year. He's excited about it, too. There's a giant in the area he's hunting, and the word on the street is that there's a triple-drop-tine deer running around.

    1:00 After arriving in Kansas, Priest slings a few arrows. He also share...

  • Opening Day of Deer Season | Bowhunting Mississippi Whitetails | Hunt United

    Episode 19

    S2.E19. Slade Priest is hunting the opening weekend of deer season in Mississippi. Rack bucks beware.

    1:00 Priest prepares for the hunt, and then sneaks in to a treestand location.

    3:30 Once in the stand, he gets everything ready for the evening sit.

    5:30 We take a look at a featured property ...

  • A First Day Bull | Elk Hunting Success in New Mexico | Hunt United

    Episode 9

    S2.E15. Realtree United Country Land Pro Ryan Wascom tags out on the first day in New Mexico. And to make it even better, he does so with his bow. Check out the action.

    0:05 They begin by scouting. Wascom and Luke "Bear Cub" Mitchell jump in the buggy and get ready for the hunt.

    1:25 They start...

  • To Kill a Camp Bull | New Mexico Elk Hunting Success | Hunt United

    Episode 10

    S2.E16. Realtree Land Pro Slade Priest tags out on the second day of his New Mexico elk hunt. And he's pretty excited about it. Wapiti down.

    0:05 Priest is in The Land of Enchantment. He's shooting his bow in the pre-dawn, and hears a bull bugle right outside the camp.

    1:00 They spot the elk on...

  • Summer Scouting Mission | Hanging Trail Cams on an Iowa Dream Farm | Hunt United

    Episode 11

    S2.E10. The Hunt United crew heads afield for some summer scouting in Iowa. Will it yield results, or just good fun? Maybe both? Let's find out.

    0:05 We meet Luke "Bear Cub" Mitchell's dog. She's a part of the family now.

    0:15 We learn about Mitchell's longtime dream to hunt Iowa. He's waited f...

  • Prepping for a Good Deer Season | Summertime Jobs Deer Hunters Do | Hunt United

    Episode 12

    S2.E13. Realtree Land Pro Slade Priest and Ryan Wascom go to Missouri to get the farm ready for deer season. It's going to be a great time.

    0:10 Priest and Wascom load up the Chevy. Then, they get ready to head north to Missouri.

    1:00 They arrive at the farm in northern Missouri. Upon arrival, ...

  • Mississippi Spring Turkey Season | Two Big Gobblers | Realtree Hunt United

    Episode 13

    S2.E1. Slade Priest and Ryan Wascom find success during the opening week of the Mississippi turkey season. Priest also talks about benefits of implementing controlled burns on your property.

    0:20: Priest talks hunting land and wraps up some real estate work at the land pro office. He recaps what...

  • Louisiana Youth Turkey Hunting | Little Kid vs. Big Gobbler | Hunt United

    Episode 14

    S2.E2. Slade Priest and Cragg Fitz are guiding a couple kids during the Louisiana youth turkey season. Will they score on a big southern longbeard? Time will tell.

    1:10: It's daylight, and a bird gobbles in the distance. It's playing hard to get, though, and slowly works toward the group of hunt...

  • Incredible Mississippi Turkey Hunt | Hunting with Friends | Realtree Hunt United

    Episode 15

    S2.E3. Realtree UC's Slade Priest teams up with several friends. They chase big southern turkeys all week. Will they have much luck on this first leg?

    1:05: Priest meets up with Luke Mitchell before heading afield. It's one of their favorite spots.

    2:30: They hear a bird on the roost, and they ...

  • Three Boss Toms With Bad Tempers | Mississippi Turkey Hunt | Hunt United

    Episode 16

    S2.E3. Slade Priest has several friends coming in to hunt, and he squeezes in a quick hunt of his own, too. After a patient setup, three giant gobblers come charging in and proceed to whip his turkey decoy.

    0:50 Luke "Bear Cub" Mitchell arrives in turkey camp. Priest meets up with him. They talk...

  • Hot Late-Afternoon Gobbler | Stubborn Mid-Morning Turkey | Realtree Hunt United

    Episode 17

    S2.E4. Slade Priest meets up with Ryan Wascom and Luke "Bear Cub" Mitchell. They head northward to hunt turkeys on a listing in Copiah County, Mississippi. They're joined by Realtree land pros Bruce Gray and Glen Miller.

    0:05 Wascom has his slippin' shoes on, and Priest gives him a hard time abo...

  • Husband-and-Wife Turkey Hunt | Hunting in the Secret Spot | Realtree Hunt United

    Episode 18

    S2.E5. Luke Mitchell hunts in the secret spot. Maybe he'll come away with something to show for it. Then, Slade Priest and his wife Lori go turkey hunting. Will they have any luck?

    0:55 Mitchell and Priest are closing in on the roosted toms. Luckily, an owl gets the birds to gobble and they slip...

  • A Big Lone Gobbler in the Timber | Huge Turkey Spurs | Realtree Hunt United

    Episode 19

    S2.E6. Opening Day of Turkey season in Louisiana Ryan Wascom chases a stubborn gobbler and eventually catches up to it later in the day. He uses every trick in the bag to finally fill his tag.

    0:10 Ryan Wascom intros the episode and explains what the crew has been up to.

    1:30 A turkey gobbles d...

  • Three-Legged Turkey? | Weird, Odd, Malformed Gobbler | Realtree Hunt United

    Episode 20

    S2.E7. Realtree Hunt United Producer Luke "Bear Cub" Mitchell scores his first Mississippi longbeard. It's a weird one. Is that a third leg?

    0:15 Mitchell heads to the woods in an effort to roost one. Slade Priest hangs back and gets some work done.

    1:25 Back at the house, Priest talks about th...

  • Huge Iowa Gobblers | Heaviest Turkeys in the Country? | Hunt United

    Episode 21

    S2.E8. Slade Priest is headed north to Iowa to team up on the turkeys with Luke "Bear Cub" Mitchell and BioShield's Wes Sherouse.

    0:45 Bear Cub is upset. He had to sleep in his truck because the lodge was locked shut.

    1:30 Priest still isn't there, so the other two hunters head out for a little...

  • Ryan's First Iowa Longbeard | Fanning Turkeys in the Midwest | Hunt United

    Episode 22

    S2.E9. Realtree Land Pro Ryan Wascom heads north after his first Iowa longbeard, and the birds are on fire.

    0:05 Wascom intros the show and shares with everyone the scenario for the next few days. Bad weather will eventually move in, and he only has a couple days to fill his tag.

    1:30 They stri...