Hunt Club with Phillip Culpepper

Hunt Club with Phillip Culpepper

2 Seasons

HUNT CLUB is a digital series that is focused primarily in the “Heart of the South”. This series is about telling real stories and showing personalities that exist within a hunting club. We will show behind the scenes footage of the work, strategies, struggles, frustrations and more importantly, the dedication and reward that comes with deer hunting in the South.

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Hunt Club with Phillip Culpepper
  • Big Buck on the Ground | Fishing Gone Wrong | Hunt Club

    Episode 10

    S2.E10. Phillip Culpepper makes a quick trip to Tennessee to help get the last food plots planted with Darrell Prentice. Roger Culpepper has an overhead battle with a helicopter while going after the Split G2 Buck. Later, good friends, Skeeter Cotton and Rev Collins, show up to help with the drag...

  • Big Buck Shows Up, Gets Arrowed | Calling in the Tracking Dogs | Hunt Club

    Episode 9

    S2.E2. Mature bucks are on the move after an early season cold front pushes through in Georgia. Culpepper has an unexpected surprise slip in on a new stand. Cheeseburger heads out after a new buck that showed up on camera less than eight hours earlier. Things just got crazy at the club!


  • Opening Day Georgia 7-Pointer | Planting Food Plots in the Rain | Hunt Club

    Episode 8

    S2.E8. Greg Thompson comes to full draw on a deer he's been watching all summer long. It's on the ground before some people ever make it to the stand on opening day. Roger Culpepper is on doe patrol with no glasses to see what the heck is going on. Meanwhile, the guys rush to plant food plots at ...

  • The 9/11 Buck | A Big 6x6 with a Bow | Hunt Club

    Episode 7

    S2.E7. This year, the Georgia bow season opened September 11, and SSG Garrett Bosely tagged a good one. Phillip Culpepper films the outing, and it's the first hunt on the New Lease.

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  • Velvet Success | Signed Tyler Farr Guitar, Tennessee Flood Donations | Hunt Club

    Episode 6

    S2.E6. Phillip and Roger Culpepper are in Tennessee for the velvet hunt. Will they fill buck tags?

    A horrific flood occurred the week before the hunt. To help with relief, donate to the Waverly Football Team by clicking here:

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  • The Land of the Giants | Kansas Deer Season Prep Work | Hunt Club

    Episode 5

    S2.E5. Kansas has giant whitetails. Phillip Culpepper drew a bow tag and heads west to get ready for fall. Will the effort pay off this season?

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  • Glassing Big Velvet Bucks | Hunting Bow Tune-Up with Pitts | Hunt Club

    Episode 4

    S2.E4. Phillip Culpepper stops by Michael Pitt's place to get a bow tune-up. Then, he drives to Tennessee to film two velvet studs. Deer season is almost here.


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  • Big Bucks Are Here | Hanging a Lock-On Treestand | Hunt Club

    Episode 3

    S2.E3. We found big bucks! Culpepper and Prentice get stands ready for bow season. It won't be long.

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  • Uncharted Territory | Mapping out the New Lease with onX | Hunt Club

    Episode 2

    S2.E2. Phillip and Roger Culpepper meet up with lifelong friends at the new hunting lease. Little Tommy, the least tech-savvy human, relies on Phillip to learn the ropes of how to use OnX while scouting this new piece of property for the first time.

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  • World-Class Mineral Site | Pre-Season Scouting Strategies with onX | Hunt Club

    Episode 1

    S2.E1. Phillip Culpepper meets up with good friend, Darrell Prentice, on some familiar territory to map out potential areas for the upcoming August velvet season. Also, they take a look at a mineral site that deer have destroyed.

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