Hunt Club with Phillip Culpepper

Hunt Club with Phillip Culpepper

Hunt Club with Phillip Culpepper
  • LEE BRICE & FRIENDS 5th Annual Dove Hunt

    Dove Season is here! Lee Brice’s 5th Annual Dove Hunt doesn’t disappoint for good times and good shootin’ !


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  • Georgia Rut Hunt | Summer Preparation

    The guys meet Cheeseburger at the club to get ready for deer season and re-live a hunt from last season!


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  • GIANT BUCKS in GEORGIA | Hunt Club Stories

    The guys are getting ready for the 2022 deer season and take a look back at the first season of success on new hunting property.


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  • Hunting a Rutted-Up Buck | Tagging a Tennessee Stud | Hunt Club

    S1.E22. The story of this deer began back in August. He fooled Phillip Culpepper and Darrell Prentice for over three months. Once again, the guys slip in and hang a setup to try and get him within bow range. The rut is kicking off and it shows as the buck finally walks within bow range.

    0:10 Cul...

  • Sweet Success in Georgia | Pointing the Chevy North Toward Tennessee | Hunt Club

    S1.E20. Phillip Culpepper goes on doe patrol in Georgia. Then, he heads back to Tennessee to chase the buck he's been after since August. Hot weather and slow deer movement write the story, but him and his friend, Darrell, come up with a plan to slip in the "back door."

    0:15 Culpepper is heading...

  • Georgia Fire Power | It's Youth Season Y'all | Hunt Club

    S1.E19. It's youth season in the Georgia deer woods. The lead is flying in the South, and it's a wonderful time. Tucker Thomas and Brantley Cotton head out in full force, and they both have a fun time in the woods with their fathers.

    0:15 Right out of the gate, we see a youth hunter tag a good o...

  • George Jones at 18 Yards | Self-Filming Success in Georgia | Hunt Club

    S1.E18. Phillip Culpepper has had a terrible start to deer season. He's had a rough go of it ... until now. He heads in to chase the George Jones buck, which has been showing up during daylight. Then, things get interesting as light fades in the Georgia pines.

    0:45 Culpepper is in the tree, and ...

  • The Kicker Buck Returns | Deer Hunting During a Full Moon | Hunt Club

    S1.E14. The weather is finally cooling off. The wind is right for a favorite treestand location. And the target buck is hitting during daylight. Phillip Culpepper and his friend, Darrell Prentice, have a plan and are putting it into action.

    0:30 Culpepper reflects on the past couple days, and ta...

  • Slingin' Arrows at a Giant 8-Pointer | The Unexpected Happens Twice | Hunt Club

    S1.E13. Phillip and Roger Culpepper are chasing big bucks they know. The unexpected happens to them twice. Roger comes eye-to-eye with a big 8-pointer he's watched all year. Will he put a tag on it?

    0:15 Phillip reflects back on Michael Pitts' opening day success. He also talks about one of his ...

  • Carnage in the Georgia Deer Woods | Two Monster Bucks with a Bow | Hunt Club

    S1.E11. Self-filming a bowhunt successfully offers much tougher odds for success than bowhunting without a camera. Michael Pitts has never attempted it and has a huge mishap while climbing into the stand. Still, his goal is to self-film a successful bowhunt in Georgia. In this episode, he has an ...

  • Predator Control with a Bow | Cheeseburger Unveils Hunt Club Mascot | Hunt Club

    S1.E9. It's one of the craziest days ever on Hunt Club. Phillip Culpepper loosens an arrow on a coyote. Cheeseburger gets caught in a "country traffic jam" on his way to film Nate. Finally, the guys unveil the Hunt Club mascot.

    0:15 Culpepper loads up the buggy and heads to the timber. He gets c...

  • A Beautiful Piebald Buck | Mud Bogging at the Club | Hunt Club

    S1.E10. The rain is finally over, right? Well, we thought so, but it isn't. Things are a muddy mess, but Cheeseburger is set on filming his first successful hunt with Nate Thomas anyway. Meanwhile, Pitts has an encounter with a gorgeous piebald deer on his first night self-filming. Then, Phillip ...

  • Opening Day of the Georgia Deer Season | Bowhunting Southern Bucks | Hunt Club

    S1.E8. Phillip Culpepper and Michael Pitts battle the heat during the opening weekend of the Georgia deer season. They make some last-minute adjustments to their "honey holes" and prepare to battle the hot weather for opening day. Mature deer have been showing up on schedule, and the guys hope to...

  • Self-Filmed Georgia Giant | Hunting the Kicker Buck in Tennessee | Hunt Club

    S1.E15. Roger Culpepper has had a tough go with the Big 8. He stays after it, though. Is third time charm? Also, Phillip Culpepper is ready to make adjustments in Tennessee.

    0:30 Back in Tennessee, Phillip is providing some fresh corn for the deer. They're using a Tennessee combine to do it.


  • A Big-Buck Nightmare in Tennessee | Aggressive Deer Hunting Tactics | Hunt Club

    S1.E16. Phillip Culpepper has been chasing a buck since August, and finally has it walking into bow range. With acorns hitting the ground, Culpepper and his friend, Darrell, change tactics and get closer to the buck's bed. But something bad happens when Culpepper comes to full draw.

    1:00 After s...

  • Shooter Buck at 20 Steps | More Tennessee Heartbreak | Hunt Club

    S1.E17. After a close encounter that wasn't close enough, Culpepper goes in at midday to move a stand for a closer setup. The next day, he heads home to Georgia to chase the infamous George Jones buck, which has been showing up during daylight hours. Things get interesting as light fades in the G...

  • Buck Commander Turned Dove Destroyer | Dove Hunter Drops Power Line | Hunt Club

    S1.E7. Regardless of the game, opening day is always a special time to be in the field. So, after a rough velvet season in Tennessee, Phillip Culpepper decides to hunt doves instead. He shares camp with Tyler Farr for the first annual Hunt Club dove shoot. A big thanks to the Buck Commander crew,...

  • Cheeseburger's Big 9-Pointer | Killing Those Nasty Snakes | Hunt Club

    S1.E4. Chris "Cheeseburger" Staton makes his self-filming debut while getting some work done. After a quick snack, he heads to the club to spice up his favorite spots while reliving good memories. Along the way, he runs into a few unexpected problems, but promptly handles each situation.

    0:15 Ch...

  • The Last Days of Volunteer State Velvet | Tennessee Struggles | Hunt Club

    S1.E6. The Tennessee velvet season brings bad weather and misfortune, but Culpeppers have no quit in them. The remains of a hurricane makes its way through the state, and the hunting isn't easy. The Culpepper clan sticks it out, though.

    1:00 Phillip is in his blind, and hopes deer start moving.

  • Buck Hunting in a Hurricane | Opening Day of Tennessee Deer Season | Hunt Club

    S1.E4. Finally, it's the velvet season opener in Tennessee. Who would have thought it possible for a hurricane to land in the Volunteer State? Thanks, 2020. Nonetheless, the Culpepper clan hits the woods in hopes of bringing home fresh backstrap. Both of them hunting separate pieces of property, ...

  • Tennessee Velvet Bucks | Getting Archery Gear Ready for Opening Day | Hunt Club

    S1.E3. The Tennessee velvet season is almost here. Phillip Culpepper makes a "Pitt Stop" on his way to Tennessee. He picks up an Elite Kure, and then heads on down the road. He also makes final preparations at a spot he has several trail camera pics of full-velvet shooters.

    0:30 Culpepper stops...

  • Pouring the Corn to 'Em | A Hilarious Deer Feeder Fail | Hunt Club

    S1.E2. Pre-season hunting prep is in full swing at the hunt club. Phillip and Roger Culpepper are focused on getting fields sprayed and planted. Meanwhile, Nate Thomas is nervous about his homemade deer feeder in the honey hole. Still, he's ready to pour the corn to 'em, and can't wait to show of...

  • Getting Ready for Deer Season | It's a Work Day at the Club | Hunt Club

    S1.E1. The Hunt Club crew has a "work day" at the Hunting Club property. Watch out for Mr. No Shoulders. This should be fun.

    0:15 Phillip Culpepper intros the show and explains the concept for this new Realtree 365 series.

    2:00 The crew hears some powder burn deep in the timber, and that's exac...

  • The Piebald Curse Is Real | Bowhunting the Whitetail Rut in Maryland | Hunt Club

    S1.E24. Is shooting a piebald cause for a curse? After several odd things occur, the guys begin to think so.

    With high winds and the rut wide open, Roger Culpepper stays after it and has a shooter come in underneath the stand. What happens?

    0:10 The crew is having all sorts of trouble, and all ...