• Touring the Grigsby Hog Barn | Research Center | The Grigsby

    S3.E2. Mike Stroff and Randy tour the newly renovated research hog research center at the Grigsby Farm. It's a very high-tech facility.

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  • Grigsby Season 2 Finale | Youth Deer Hunt and Season Recap | Grigsby

    S2.E17. Mike Stroff's son Michael and his friend hunt the Grigsby, and Stroff looks back at a great season.

    0:45 Stroff previews the hunts to come.

    1:00 Deer begin moving, and someone has some success.

    4:00 Another young hunter gets his turn at an Illinois whitetail.

    6:00 They keep after it, ...

  • Crossbow Hunting in Illinois | Youth Hunter Success in the Midwest | The Grigsby

    S1.E17. Dave Parker from Excalibur Crossbows is in camp looking for a mature buck to make a mistake. Mike Stroff also takes his son Michael Stroff out looking for a giant Grigsby doe.

    0:15 The guys gear up for the afternoon sit. It's time to head to the treestand.

    3:15 Parker is in a great loca...

  • A Big Grigsby Buck | When a Great Deer Hunting Plan Comes Together | Grigsby

    S2.E15. Day No. 3 of the Illinois shotgun season is here, and the pressure begins to mount at the Grigsby. Will remaining tag holders get it done?

    0:05 We recap a few recent successful hunts before diving into day No. 3 of boom stick season.

    2:00 Several guys are in the field. There are plenty ...

  • A Big Illinois 10-Pointer | Mike Stroff Strikes Again | The Grigsby

    S2.E14. Mike Stroff finds success during the boom stick season in Illinois. Monster bucks are on the move. Don't miss this action.

    0:05 First, we recap some of deer season. Then, to the recent action.

    1:00 Day No. 2 begins, and it doesn't disappoint ... at all.

    2:15 Stroff spots a giant in the...

  • Boom Stick Season at the Grigsby | We're Bringing the Fire Power | Grigsby

    S2.E13. The boom stick season is in, the guys are at the Grigsby, and the big bucks are on their feet. Mike Stroff is back in the woods with his Savage, and he's hoping a mature buck will show up in daylight. Will one?

    0:05 Stroff kicks it off, and then the guys line up their Savages.

    3:00 Hunt...

  • Two Giant Bucks Duke It Out | The Illinois Rut Is in Full Swing | Grigsby

    S2.E12. Fighting, chasing, breeding does, etc. Giant Grigsby bucks are on their feet and feeling frisky just as the Realtree crew rolls into camp. It's wide open, and the best time to be in the woods.

    0:05 Mike Stroff kicks things off with a little prelude.

    0:45 Several guys start their hunts, ...

  • Bucks Are Falling at the Grigsby | Mature Buck at 5 yards | Grigsby

    S2.E11. Big bucks are hitting the ground at the Grigsby. Jamie Satterfield heads to the Honey Hole Stand. Other clients are finding success, too, as Mike Stroff prepares for boom stick season.

    0:05 Stroff prepares for shotgun season by sighting in his Savage.

    1:00 He meets up with a friend to s...

  • A Major Missed Opportunity | The Whitetail Rut Is in Full Swing | The Grigsby

    S2.E10. It's an exciting time of year at the Grigsby. The rut has arrived an the big boys are on their feet. But can the guys in camp take advantage of it?

    0:45 We recap some successful hunts by Jamie Satterfield and Von Ramsey.

    2:40 Then, Ramsey and Satterfield are back in the field for the fi...

  • Tyler Jordan's Monster Buck at the Grigsby | A Giant Illinois Deer | Grigsby

    S2.E9. Tyler Jordan arrives at the Grigsby. He's looking to kill his first Illinois buck. He gets it done.

    0:30 Tyler Jordan arrives at the Grigsby hunt camp.

    1:00 He immediately gets in a treestand, and starts the hunt.

    2:30 Stroff works hard to keep Jordan on deer, and accomplishes just that...

  • A Giant Grigsby Buck | Stroff Strikes on a Stud Typical 10-Pointer | Grigsby

    S2.E8. The off-season hard work pays off. Mike Stroff puts his tag on a giant 10-pointer at the Grigsby. Watch the hunt now.

    0:05 Grigsby is getting ready for battle. It's cold, and deer should be moving. He's going back in after the big 10-pointer.

    1:30 They're in the field, and walk to the tr...

  • Growing the Family Business | Massive Midwestern Farming Operation | Grigsby

    S2.E6. What is the Grigsby? Learn about how this fifth-generation family farm got its start in Illinois. It has humble roots, and an incredible legacy. Here is the story.

    0:05 Randy Leka labels the Grigsby as one of the most interesting properties in the state of Illinois. It has a rich heritage...

  • Spotting a Giant on the Way to the Stand | Illinois Deer Season Opener | Grigsby

    S1.E5. Mike Stroff is in Illinois for the deer season opener. It's a great time to be in a treestand, and he even sees a target buck. Let's find out if he closes the distance.

    0:05 Stroff arrives in deer camp, and shoots his bow a little.

    1:00 Then, he does a little last-minute scouting. He pul...

  • Reflecting on Giant Deer from the Past | Final Prep for Deer Season | Grigsby

    S2.E4. Mike Stroff makes final pre-season whitetail preparations before the hunting begins at the Grigsby. Living in South Texas, he has to take advantage of the time he has while in Illinois. Stroff also looks back at an unbelievable season last year, and shows us some big bucks. He's ready for ...

  • Planting Crops at the Grigsby | Farming Practices Benefitting Wildlife | Grigsby

    S2.E3. Mike Stroff and Randy Leka analyze the early stages of numerous ag fields throughout the Grigsby farm. Cereal rye, corn, clover, soybeans, wheat and more are all on the menu.

    0:20 Mike Stroff and Andy Moorehouse talk about planting conditions and current plans at the Grigsby.

    1:50 Then,...

  • Two Gangs of Grigsby Gobblers | Two Giant Birds Tagged | Grigsby

    S2.E2. Uncle Randy is back in the field. He's trying to fill another Illinois turkey tag in big ag country.

    0:30 Uncle Randy gets set up on several gobbling longbeards. He's hoping to get within range of them.

    1:15 Four big longbeards come walking in. Only three fly away. Randy fills his tag.


  • Turkey Hunting in Big Ag Country | Two Big Toms | Grigsby

    S2.E1. It's turkey time on the Grigsby farm in Illinois. Will they fill tags or just kill time? Let's find out.

    0:05 Mike Stroff calls it quits on scouting for turkeys. Instead, he meets up with his buddy, Randy, as they begin building platforms for hunting blinds.

    3:00 They head afield with th...

  • 2020 Hunting and Farming Plans

    S1.E18. Mike Stroff looks ahead to next fall. He walks through the plans for new treestands, tower blinds and food source changes. Then, Randy Leka discusses the plan for the next growing season. Naturally, he covers what's next for the farm.

  • Favorite Hunting Spots, Winter Food Plots

    S1.E17. Mike Stroff talks about his favorite area on the Grigsby farm and why it's so good. Honey holes are such because they offer deer what they need. Stroff touches on each of these things. We flash back to several hunts to see just how successful these areas have been.

  • Grigsby Buck Quota Met

    S1.E16. This year's Grigsby buck quota is finally met. Then, Mike reflects back on a very successful season. Finally, he takes inventory of the available food sources on the farm in relation to the post-season and maintaining good whitetail health throughout winter.

  • Monster Whitetail at 20 Yards, Farm Management Practices

    S1.E15. Aaron Dusek from Truglo is in camp with Mike Stroff during the first shotgun season and has a monster 10-point walk all the way in to 20 yards. Then, Randy Leka explains how the farm is in the early stages of nutrient management for the year. Leka and Andy Morehouse break down what that p...

  • A Grigsby Monster 8-Pointer, Turbo Till Primer

    S1.E14. First, Mike Stroff watches a monster 8-pointer chase does. It fends off two other small bucks before offering a shot opportunity. Then, Aaron Dusek, from Truglo, arrives in camp for his hunt. Finally, we learn about a turbo till and what it does.

  • The Mule Deer Buck Is Back at the Grigsby

    S1.E13. The crew spots "The Mule Deer Buck" once again. It's back and Uncle Randy has the farm to himself as shotgun season opens here in Illinois. Will he tag the buck? Then, check out some awesome John Deere equipment as it gets put to the test at the Grigsby.

  • Giant Buck with a Crossbow

    Uncle Randy gets on a nice 10 point with his crossbow, the farm is spreading fertilizer and hunters arrive in camp for shotgun season.