Fin Commander

Fin Commander

5 Episodes

Fin Commander is a brand built out of passion for the outdoors just like its predecessors Duck and Buck Commander. The brand itself was formally introduced in 2015, but our roots go much deeper. When hunting season ends, we turn our minds toward something new to fill our time and freezers. We head to the water.

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Fin Commander
  • Justin Martin and Tyler Stewart Fish Big Bass Heaven | Fin Commander

    Episode 1

    Justin Martin and Tyler Stewart are on the lake, and they're ready for some top-water frog action. Let the fun begin.

    1:00 They hit the water and get ready to start reeling them in.

    2:00 It doesn't take long before they're rippin' lips.

    5:00 The adventure continues, and Martin keeps landing ba...

  • Justin Martin Fishes Willie Robertson's Private Bass Pond | Fin Commander

    Episode 2

    Justin Martin sneaks over to Willie Robertson's private pond and catches some big ol' bass. He reels in quite a few good ones.

    1:00 Martin forgets to hit record.

    3:00 He keeps on castin'.

    5:00 A good one bites.

    8:00 He finishes the day with several more good ones, and makes sure he puts all o...

  • Uncle Si's Black Crappie Pre-Zen-Tation | Semi-Pro Tips | Fin Commander

    Episode 3

    Uncle Si Robertson drops some knowledge on how to catch some black crappie. He knows the ropes.

    1:00 Uncle Si and company talk about how to catch crappie.

    2:30 After explaining how it's done, they start reeling them in.

    7:00 They finish up by catching a lot of these, and some of them are prett...

  • How to Catch Monster Crappie | Uncle Si Dropping Knowledge | Fin Commander

    Episode 4

    S1.E4. Ucle Si offers his best advice for catching big crappie. This is a must-watch episode for fishermen. Don't miss it.

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  • Catching Big Bass on the Whopper Plopper | Kid Catches Huge Fish | Fin Commander

    Episode 5

    S1.E5. Justin Martin and company catch big bass on the Whopper Plopper. It doesn't take long to find them. Fish(es) on.

    0:05 Martin leaves work to find some hungry fish.

    0:45 Fish on. Martin lands a good one in grand fashion.

    1:45 A couple of kids are in the boat, and they're bringing bass to ...