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DayBreak Outdoors

22 Episodes

Follow along with the DayBreak crew as they travel across the states chasing anything with feathers. DayBreak brings a new style of production to the outdoor industry. Check them out and watch some of the most entertaining duck and turkey hunting short films in the industry.

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DayBreak Outdoors
  • Duck Hunting at YellaHouse | Opening Day of Waterfowl Season | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 1

    S2.E1. It's opening day, and DayBreak Outdoors is back at YellaHouse. Here, AJ is running a speck call. Brandon is running a camera. And boss man is running late. It's a normal day with the DayBreak Outdoors crew. Join us on this front day where we fill straps with the "A" team.

    0:10 The shootin...

  • Hunting River Mallards Like We're Mad At 'Em | Willow Slough | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 2

    S1.E2. In this episode, we cross the big river to join the legendary Ronnie Capps for an incredible hunt with south winds and sunshine. We're in search of mallards. Join us as we hit the water for a good time.

    0:20 Taylor Stewart talks about Ronnie Capps and their upcoming hunt with him.

    1:00 T...

  • Opening Day of Teal Season | Great Missouri Duck Hunting | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 3

    S1.E3. It's all hands on deck for the opening day of teal season. This is always something that excites us. Join us as we head out in hopes for some blue wing teal in Missouri.

    0:10 It's been raining ... a lot. The farmers can't get any work done in the fields, and so they shift their focus to w...

  • Duck Hunting with Perfect Limit | Flooded Arkansas Timber | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 4

    S1.E4. What's better than Arkansas duck hunting? A day in the woods with your buddies from Perfect Limit Outdoors ... while duck hunting. Follow along as we enjoy a great hunt with some even better people.

    0:30 Brandon Martin talks about some of the tactics they use to get ducks close each time ...

  • Dropping Mallards in Flooded Timber | They Can't Handle It | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 5

    S1.E5. We're hunting mallards in flooded timber, and they can't handle the sweet sounds of our duck calls. But you've heard the stories of feast or famine in the flooded timber. This one is for the guys who like it when it’s rough, and love it when it’s great. Welcome to the woods.

    0:50 Brandon ...

  • Building and Brushing in Duck Blinds | Duck Hunting Prep | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 6

    S1.E6. We take a break from duck season to go behind the scenes, and see some of the work that goes into prepping for fall and winter. You get out of it what you put in.

    0:05 The guys are working on the farm, and also painting and brushing in some duck blinds.

    1:30 They begin constructing blin...

  • The Big River Is Out | Hunting Mississippi Flood Waters | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 7

    S1.E7. The Mississippi is above flood stage, and the river is out. This immediately creates thousands of acres of habitat with each foot that it rises. When that happens, you just have to get in a boat and go find the ducks.

    0:05 Boats are in the water, and they're headed out to find some mallar...

  • Flooding Fields for Ducks | Pumping Water for Waterfowl | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 8

    S1.E8. Duck season flies by, but the preparation doesn't, and it's just as enjoyable. The guys are getting ready for the good stuff, and it's only a short time away.

    0:10 They're down at the farm, and they're getting ready for duck season.

    1:00 The guys cut some boat lanes, brush in some blind...

  • Duck Hunting Flooded Rice Fields | Best Habitat Practices | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 9

    S1.E9. Everyone is gearing up for the coming hunt. It's shaping up to be a pretty awesome weekend. Join us for the good times.

    0:30 The guys are smacking ducks in the face right out of the gate.

    1:30 The sun keeps rising, and the ducks keep falling.

    2:45 They get their limits, and then head ba...

  • 40 Mallards in 40 Minutes | Dry-Field Duck Hunting in Kansas | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 10

    S1.E10. The guys have an epic trip to Kansas, and drop 40 mallards in 40 minutes. It's something to see.

    0:30 Brandon Martin talks about heading out to Kansas to chase ducks. It's been a couple years in the making.

    1:00 Taylor Stewart talks about it, too. And they get ready for the 8-hour road ...

  • Youth Weekend in the Duck Blind | Eagles Nest Duck Hunt | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 11

    S1.E11. It's finally youth weekend, and we're excited to share the blind with some young duck hunters. Let's go.

    0:05 A young kid works a duck call, and gets a few pointers from the older guys.

    0:45 They're prepping for the hunt, and the crew heads to the Eagle's nest in search of active skies....

  • Brushing in a Pontoon Boat | The River Is Out Again | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 12

    S1.E12. The river is out again, forcing them to make a change. They decide to brush in an old pontoon boat. Will it work? Find out now.

    0:05 The crew finishes brushing in a pontoon boat to hunt from.

    0:30 The river is out, and they're trying to ease into a group of mallards with the pontoon boa...

  • Ice Mallard Madness | Hunting the Freeze | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 13

    S2.E13. It's cold, and there's a slightly layer of ice on. The crew works to open up a good hole, and they share a few pointers along the way. You might or might not want to use them.

    0:05 If you have the ice, but don't have the horsepower, do what these guys do.

    1:00 They get ready for the hun...

  • Duck Hunting on Cattle Ponds | Kansas Prairie Duck Hunting | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 14

    S1.E14. The guys are back after it in Kansas, and hope to have another great hunt out on the prairie. Will they? Perhaps.

    0:30 They run an ice eater on a cattle pond, and work to get ready before the geese start piling in.

    1:30 The birds start really flying, and they let them have it.

    3:00 Aft...

  • Prepping for a Big Snow Storm | Snow Goose Hunting | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 15

    S1.E15. The DayBreak Outdoors crew is prepping for snow goose season. Check out some of their pre-season actions ... all in hopes of see a snow storm.

    0:30 They're putting in a 12-man goose pit. Will they shoot some stuff from it? Probably.

    2:30 The hunting begins, and the shooting starts. Snow...

  • Snow Geese Galore | Who's the Shot Caller, Anyway? | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 16

    S1.E16. The crew is hoping for redemption with the snow geese. Will they get it done? Or will they get their tail's whipped? Watch to find out.

    0:05 Have you ever seen this many snow geese in one place? It's an invasion like no other.

    1:00 The guys are usually out there daylight to dark, but th...

  • Loud-Mouthed Longbeards | Alabama Turkey Hunting | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 35

    S1.E17. The crew heads to Alabama, and they're hoping to locate a loud-mouthed longbeard. They succeed, and close the distance.

    1:00 They get out of the buggy and hear one right off the bat.

    2:10 They get settled, and start calling to the bird. Two show up.

    3:00 They commit, and start walking ...

  • A Tennessee Gobbler Gang | Fighting Purrs Get 'Em Again | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 18

    S1.E18. The crew loads up and heads to Tennessee. The guys hope to tag a Volunteer State strutter or two. Will they? Let's find out.

    0:15 They're in the field and hunting in Tennessee. Spring is finally here, and the foliage is just beginning to show itself.

    1:30 They accidentally walk up on a ...

  • Hard-Headed Alabama Gobblers | Turkey Hunting in the South | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 37

    S1.E19. We're chasing some tough birds in Alabama. Will you join us for this action-packed turkey hunt? Let's see what happens.

    0:30 They're at turkey camp, and waiting for the rest of the team to get there. It's time to hunt.

    1:30 They're hunting the late-afternoon shift. Unfortunately, the bi...

  • Hunting Henned-Up Gobblers | A First Turkey in Missouri | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 20

    S1.E20. They're trying to get one of the guys his first turkey. They've been close a time or two. Now, it's time to get it done.

    0:30 They gear up for a great Missouri turkey hunting experience.

    1:45 They kick off the hunt with two gobblers across the creek. Unfortunately, they're henned-up.


  • Turkey Hunting in the Hardwoods | Chasing Birds on New Lands | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 21

    S1.E21. There's nothing more classic about turkey hunting than chasing them in the hardwoods. This is that. Get in on the action while it's hot.

    0:40 Still in Missouri, they're hoping to connect on another bird. It's a place they've never stepped foot on, and they hope to locate one.

    1:00 They ...

  • Wet Gobblers Still Gobble | Turkey Hunting in the Rain | DayBreak Outdoors

    Episode 22

    S1.E22. The guys are turkey hunting in the rain, and hope these turkeys still gobble. Fortunately, they do. It's game time.

    0:30 It's raining in the timbered hills of Missouri. But the birds are still gobbling.

    1:15 A longbeard marches into range, but they can't get a shot off right away.