Chasing November

Chasing November

8 Seasons

Chasing November follows a small group of hardcore deer hunters through the entire season. The series focuses on storytelling as the group pursues giant whitetails, but you will also learn the strategies that worked, and those that did not.

Chasing November
  • S3E1: Public Urban Zone Buck, Opening Day Success

    Episode 1

    Mike Reed has a surprise encounter on a public urban zone hunt after running into another hunter. Jim Scherer takes advantage of an early season pattern on his number one buck. Caleb and Taylor Byers encounter two of their top hit list bucks.

  • S3E2: Close Call, October Cold Front Buck

    Episode 2

    Jared continues after a target buck he calls “Reggie Jackson”. Bill comes within steps of letting an arrow fly at his number one target buck, “The Wide 10”. A massive cold front moves through the Midwest and Jared is able to harvest a mature buck chasing a doe.

  • S3E3: Redemption Buck, Public Land Heartbreak

    Episode 3

    Days after missing a great Missouri nine pointer, Mitch Mollerus gets redemption on his first buck in seven years. Josh Sparks and Jared Mills set up for a quick hunt on public land. Shortly after a rattling sequence, Josh gets his chance at a great buck.

  • S3E4: Doubled Up

    Episode 4

    Jacob Dye finds success deep in a bedding area where he is able to harvest his number one buck just minutes after taking a doe. Andy Melton has a great hunt with two youth hunters in Tennessee, reminding us what hunting is all about.

  • S3E5: The Wide 10, Two Year Quest

    Episode 5

    November has finally arrived and Bill Winke gets a 30 yard shot on the “Wide 10”. Zach Rozmus ends the two-year quest for a buck he calls “Gnarles”.

  • S3E6: Farm Dreams, Indiana Buck

    Episode 6

    Jared Mills and Mike Reed make their lifelong dream come true as they purchase a farm together. Their first hunt on the new farm is a breathtaking. Steven Waldridge tags a buck in Indiana.

  • S3E7: Cruising Bucks, Learning New Farm

    Episode 7

    Hunter Jacobs, Chad Holmes and Jacob Justus are all able to fill tags as the rut is now in full swing across the nation. Jared Mills has another great sit on the new farm, encountering multiple good bucks.

  • S3E8: Lone Oak Let Down, Father-Son Best Day

    Episode 8

    After waiting the whole season, Bill finally crosses paths with the “Lone Oak Buck”. Unfortunately it is before he is fully set up in the tree. Bill Yost connects with a bruiser of a buck in Missouri.

  • S3E9: 230″ Giant, Cruising Illinois Buck

    Episode 9

    Caleb Byers arrows an absolute giant he has named “The Goat”. After days of ruthlessly searching for the buck, Caleb comes up empty handed. Jim Ferguson arrows a mature Illinois buck cruising for does.

  • S3E10: New Farm Brute, Last Chance Missouri

    Episode 10

    Mike and Jared hang a new set in the dark and connect on the oldest deer on the farm. Just a day before the opener of the Missouri rifle season, Ben Hampton arrows a good buck.

  • S3E11: Illinois Rut, Indiana Floater

    Episode 11

    Andy Melton finds success in Southern Illinois when a doe brings by one of his target bucks. Pushing further into a bedding area, Clayton Dillard is able to harvest a mature Indiana buck.

  • S3E12: Wisconsin Farm Legend, Post Rut Action

    Episode 12

    Rick Vergin connects with an old mature buck he has tons of history with that he calls “Fatty” in Wisconsin. Jared and Mike continue to hunt and learn their new farm in hopes of arrowing one of their target bucks.

  • S3E13: Killer Tree Stand

    Episode 13

    Caleb and Taylor Byers encounter two great bucks and Caleb capitalizes from the same stand in consecutive years.

  • S3E14: Getting Close, Emma’s Buck

    Episode 14

    Jared and Mike have a third consecutive encounter with hit list buck “Eli” and cannot get a shot. Kane Gillette has success during the Illinois shotgun season and the Byers end their “Rut-cation” by encountering their number one hit list buck they call “Nemo”.

  • S3E15: Rattling in 3 Bucks, Chasing a Big 10

    Episode 15

    Bill heads to his favorite rut stand in hopes of catching up with the “Lone Oak Buck”. Seth Sheldon continues to chase a big 10 pointer. Jared’s late morning rattling sequence brings 3 bucks running.

  • S3E16: A Legend Falls

    Episode 16

    Mike Reed ends his quest for the legendary buck, “DY”. Josh and Jared double team a set on Jared’s new farm and have “Rex” in range. Bill goes in for an afternoon in his favorite stand, “old reliable”.

  • S3E17: Down To The Wire

    Episode 17

    It’s down to the last day of the first bow season in Iowa. Bill goes all in on one of his Big n’ Beasty plots and gets a pay off. Jared and Josh are surprised with mature buck activity near a bedding area and encounter two shooters.

  • S3E18: Pregnant With Twins, Shoots First Buck

    Episode 18

    Kathryn (Kat) Reed is 27 weeks pregnant with twins and harvests her first buck with husband Mike on the camera. Jeff Deets connects with his season long target buck in Illinois, Drew McClain find success from the same stand for the second year in a row.

  • S3E19: Three Year Trophy Quest

    Episode 19

    Caleb Byers closes the chapter, and the season, with the buck he calls “Split Brow”. Josh and Jared access what seems like a bulletproof bedding area, Mike Reed goes in with high hopes for a chance at “66”.

  • S3E20: Snowy Success, The Primitive Way

    Episode 20

    A frustrating dry spell finally comes to an end for Mark Robinson and Justin Lindemann in Illinois. Jared Mills cuts his last tag on a unique management buck called “Crimp”.