Chasing November

Chasing November

Follow the story of a full whitetail season and feel the hard word, blood, sweat and tears of the ultimate whitetail chase.

Chasing November
  • S5.E9. Giant Missouri Drop-Tine Deer | 200-Inch Buck in Range | Chasing November

    S5.E9. Tyler Behlman shoots his first buck ever with a bow, a giant buck with a drop tine he calls "Wishbone." Mike Reed has the biggest deer he's ever seen come into bow range. Drake Lamb gets a giant buck on camera.

    1:00 Lamb is in the stand on a new farm that's mostly CRP. He doesn't know wha...

  • S5.E10. A Creek-Bottom Stud | Trophy Whitetail on a New Farm | Chasing November

    S5.E10. Drake Lamb uses a grunt tube to call a stud buck into bow range. Justin Lindemann makes a last-minute hunt on his new farm and calls in an Illinois brute.

    1:00 Kaleb Greiner has a solid deer hunt, and sees a few good deer.

    3:50 Jared Mills, Josh Sparks and several other team members hav...

  • S5.E11. 200-Inch Roller Coaster | Huge Buck Thrashes a Tree | Chasing November

    S5.E11. Mike Reed has a 200-inch buck come into 15 yards chasing a doe. Josh Sparks watches a buck thrash a tree. Jeff Wehmhoefer shoots a cruising buck in Illinois.

    1:30 Sparks sees a big deer and it puts on a show. It chases a doe, snort-wheezes and thrashes a tree.

    6:00 Mike Reed is back in...

  • S5.E12. Calling an Illinois Cruiser | Hunting Rut Funnels | Chasing November

    S5.E12. Mark Robinson sets up in a funnel and uses a grunt call to pull a shooter buck into bow range. Bill Winke moves a Redneck blind to a cornfield targeting the "Big 8." Matt Hoffert experiences great buck action.

    1:00 Winke kicks things off by targeting the "Bladed 10."

    4:00 Mark Robinson ...

  • S5.E13. Successful All-Day Hunt | Camera Saves Shooter | Chasing November

    S5.E13. Matt Hoffert sticks out an all-day hunt and is rewarded when a mature buck works into bow range. Bill Winke has one of his best targets work into bow range.

    1:00 Matt Hoffert and Owen Reigler are in the field. They're hoping to cross paths with one of their target bucks.

    6:00 Winke has ...

  • S5.E14. Season-Long Quest | Gnarly Public-Land Trophy by Boat | Chasing November

    S5.E14. Matt Thede's season-long quest comes to an end when his top target named "Split G3" responds to the call. It presents a great shot opportunity. Jake Sproule shoots his first Iowa buck. It's a stud on a piece of public land he accessed by boat.

    1:00 Josh Sparks, Jake Sparks, Matt Thede an...

  • S5.E15. Best Day of the 2020 Deer Season | 5 Bucks Tagged | Chasing November

    S5.E15. Caleb Mason wastes no time harvesting the other top target on the farm, a buck known as "Big 6." Jim Scherer uses a decoy in Illinois with a grunt call, pulling in a shooter buck for a shot. Zack Rozmus is able to pull off a self-filmed kill, tagging a giant-bodied Iowa bruiser.

    1:00 Cal...

  • S5.E16. An Iowa Monarch Is Dead | Giant Food Plot Cruiser | Chasing November

    S5.E16. Jared Mills ends the chase for the Iowa monarch he's been after all season. Bobby Haley uses a transition food plot to catch a cruising buck on his feet in bow range.

    1:45 Jared Mills ends the hunt for the giant deer he's been chasing. It's a bittersweet ending.

    8:20 Josh Sparks is in t...

  • S5.E17. Wide Buck at 10 Yards | Self-Filmed Kansas Brute | Chasing November

    S5.E17. Collins Marine uses the snort wheeze to bring a super-wide buck into 10 yards. Jeremiah Roberson pulls off another self-filmed hunt on a great Kansas buck. Josh Honeycutt breaks the curse and harvests a stud in Missouri.

    0:45 Jared Mills is on a farm he's hunted for many years, and he ho...

  • S5.E18. Bill Winke's Second Surprise | A New Target Emerges | Chasing November

    S5.E18. Bill Winke sticks to his guns banking on the deer eventually returning to food. It pays off and he tags the Big 8, which is the buck he's been after all season. Jared Mills identifies a new target to focus his efforts on.

    0:30 Winke kicks things off by arrowing a doe. He has a really int...

  • S5.E19. Opening Day Success | Public-Land Shooter in Range | Chasing November

    S5.E19. Hunter Jacobs wastes no time and tags a great buck on opening day in Wisconsin. Max Mongrello gets the opportunity he has always dreamed of -- a giant public-land buck in bow range.

    0:45 Jared Mills is back in a tree, and he's targeting a great deer.

    2:15 Jacobs is hunting a swamp in W...

  • S5.E20. Rattling in a Buck | Chainsaw Frees Locked Bucks | Chasing November

    S5.E20. Owen Reigler takes advantage of a few days back in Iowa, wrapping his tag around a solid mature buck. The next day, he and camera man Joe, free two bucks who are locked together. Jared Mills encounters Marino for the 2nd time this season.

    1:00 Owen Reigler takes advantage of some time aw...

  • S5.E21. First Iowa Buck | A Ghillie Suit Encounter | Chasing November

    S5.E21. Max Mongrello fulfills a lifelong dream, tagging his first buck in Iowa. Jared Mills tries using a decoy to pull the Big 10 into bow range.

    0:30 Jared Mills is back after the big 10-pointer.

    3:00 Mike Reed, Max Mongrello and Kaleb Greiner are in the Redneck blind together. Reed is hopin...

  • S5.E22. Two Iowa Bruisers | Big Kentucky Muzzleloader Buck | Chasing November

    S5.E22. Owen Reigler uses the great equalizer to catch up with a buck that showed up on the farm in Late November. A week later, Owen is back out with his girlfriend Rachel and she tags her best buck to date. Josh Honeycutt fills his Kentucky tag.

    0:30 Reigler heads afield with the great equaliz...

  • S5.E23. Drake's First Booner | First Buck in 5 Years | Chasing November

    S5.E23. Drake Lamb capitalizes on a last-minute hunt that ends with him harvesting his biggest buck ever. Kaleb Greiner fills his first buck tag in five years.

    0:30 Jared Mills and Mike Reed are on the River Farm, and they hope to tag a deer they call "Marino."

    4:30 Bill Winke is in the blind, ...

  • S5.E24. Buzzer-Beater Buck | Another Deer Season Ends | Chasing November

    S5.E24. Jeff Deets grinds it out until the very end, making a perfect shot on a buck he calls "Baby 10" in the last hour of season. Another year of Chasing November comes to a close.

    0:30 Jared Mills and Grant Noble are in the treestand.

    2:55 Bill Winke is also hunting during the late season. ...

  • E1: Jared Mill's First Velvet Buck, The Chase Begins | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E1. Jared Mills hunts the state of Kentucky and tags his first velvet buck ever. Rye Ludwig harvests a big-framed 9-pointer in Maryland. The team sets the stage for our best season in Chasing November history.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #deerhunting #bowhunting ...

  • E2: Once-in-a-Lifetime Velvet Buck In Iowa | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    Josh Sparks tags a once-in-a-lifetime, giant velvet buck in Iowa. Mike Reed takes a shot at one of his target bucks. Grant Noble encounters an awesome a new stud working a scrape line.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #landmanagement #deerhunting #huntingdeer #whitetails...

  • E3: October Giant At Point Blank, Missouri Bruiser | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E3. Another major cold front sparks incredible early October action. Mike Reed puts the pieces together on the Turkey Foot 10. Jared Mills encounters the Big 10 for the first time this season. Logan Swindle punches a tag on his top target buck in Missouri.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhite...

  • E4: River Farm Legend Falls, Super-Wide Giant | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E4. Perfect conditions set the stage for continued October success. Grant Noble punches his first Iowa buck tag. Jason McManus shoots his biggest buck ever in the Iowa urban zone.

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  • E5: Max's Permission Farm Brute, Wisconsin Success | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E5. Despite warm conditions in Iowa, Max Mongrello is able to tag a great buck on his small permission farm. Josh Honeycutt punches a tag on a familiar buck at point blank with his muzzleloader in Kentucky. Rick Vergin tags a buck in the snowy woods of Wisconsin.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwe...

  • E6: Casey's First Buck, Dak Returns | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E6. Casey Murrey tags her first buck ever. Mike Reed lays eyes on Dak for the first time this season. Jared Mills writes another chapter with the Big 10.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #deerhunting #bowhunting #hunting #hunt #outdoors

  • E7: Shooting a Buck Out Of a Garden Shed | CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    S6.E7. Mark Robinson shoots a great Illinois buck out of a garden shed. Jared Mills has his 3rd encounter of the season with the Big 10.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #deerhunting #bowhunting #hunting #hunt #outdoors

  • E8: Drake's Iowa Brute, Hunting An Iowa Monarch| CHASING NOVEMBER SEASON 6

    Drake Lamb rattles in an Iowa brute and makes a perfect shot, watching the buck fall in the field. Tim Allen encounters a mature buck. Lee Abraham begins the quest for an Iowa monarch.

    #realtree #realtree365 #midwestwhitetail #chasingnovember #landmanagement #deerhunting #huntingdeer #whitetails...