Federal Premium's Black Cloud

Federal Premium's Black Cloud

5 Seasons

Black Cloud is an original Realtree Digital Video Series, hosted by Stephen McNelly, and Cole Barthel. Stephen and Cole hunt up and down the flyway with members of the Realtree Waterfowl Pro Staff like Justin Martin, Rusty Creasey, Kyle Barefield, the Duck Commanders, and others. You never know when personalities like Si Robertson, Riley Green, and the Undertaker may show up as well.

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Federal Premium's Black Cloud
  • Holding Late-Season Birds | Waves of Waterfowl in the Skies | Black Cloud

    Episode 13

    With duck seasons coming to a close across the country, Realtree's crews heads to East Central Louisiana to hunt ducks at Honey Brake Lodge. There's still plenty of birds in the area after the arctic cold snap, and it shows. Waves of waterfowl work the skies.

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  • Flooded Timber Limits | New Wave of Ducks Reach the South | Black Cloud

    Episode 12

    The Black Cloud crew hunts the frozen flooded timber, and ducks are pouring in. With only one week left to duck hunt, the guys hunt their favorite flooded timber hole on the Louisiana/Arkansas border. With waves of ducks arriving back from the south after the deep freeze that locked up parts of L...

  • Quick Limits | Thousands of Ducks and Geese on the Water | Black Cloud

    Episode 11

    While most of North Louisiana is still locked-up, the Black Cloud crew finds a pocket of water that the ducks and geese have kept open. With thousands of birds in the air and on the water, the guys are able to shoot a mixed bag limit while most waters are still locked up and not hunt-able.


  • Hunting Mallards Ahead of the Freeze | On the X | Black Cloud

    Episode 11

    With record low temperatures in the forecast, the Black Cloud crew hits the timber for one last hunt before the freeze. Some days, hunting ducks in the timber is all about your calling and decoy spread. Other days, you're on the X and none of that matters.

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  • Snow, Ice, and a Lot of Ducks Reach the South | Record Low Temps | Black Cloud

    Episode 10

    A massive cold front sweeps the country leaving no open water for duck hunters. However, the Black Cloud crew finds one small pocket yet to lock up, and they make the morning count. It's not often Louisiana hunters face ice, snow, and freezing temps. But here were are. Ducks, too!

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  • Mallards Float Right Into the Hole! | A Fast 4-Man Limit | Black Cloud

    Episode 9

    The Black Cloud crew makes a quick trip to northern Texas to hunt a small farm pond they've had success on in the past. As any duck hunter knows, duck hunts don't always go as planned, though. Check out the latest video to see how the guys fared.

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  • 70 Ducks Down in the Timber! | Epic Timber Duck Hunt | Black Cloud

    Episode 8

    With a push of ducks down from the north, the time is right to get into the timber and hunt. After several days of scouting and letting this block of timber rest, the guys finally get in there and make it happen.

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  • Timber Duck Hunt | Birds Fly Early in Louisiana | Black Cloud

    Episode 7

    Timber duck hunts may be the most exciting way to hunt ducks. With strange conditions following the opening of the second split, Cole and the Black Cloud crew struggle to find ducks. Luckily, a good friend has a pocket of timber that is holding birds, and invites the guys along for a shoot.


  • Hunting with a LEGEND | W.E. Phillips from the "Duck Men" Series | Black Cloud

    Episode 6

    Last season, Black Cloud joined W.E. Phillips at his Duck Club in the Arkansas Timber. W.E. Phillips was one of the original "Duck Men" in the classic Duck Commander Duck Men series with the Robertson family. On this hunt, W.E. tells stories of the old times and shares some CRAZY duck hunting str...

  • Dr. Duck, Billy Campbell, Rusty Creasey, and Pitts hunt with Black Cloud

    Episode 5

    Realtree's crew of waterfowl hunters get together for their annual Louisiana duck hunt. Dr. Duck, Billy Campbell, Rusty Creasey, and Michael Pitts head down south to get on the ducks. There's a lot of ducks around, but they're playing hard to get. So, the guys have to get creative to make it happ...

  • Ducks and a Big Buck?!? | Duck Hunting Ponds in Kansas | Black Cloud

    Episode 4

    Black Cloud gets on the ducks in Kansas. On this trip, the waterfowl are falling from the sky. Also, is there a big buck in play? Watch to find out!

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  • An All-Nighter for a Duck Hunt? | Oklahoma Mixed Bag of Ducks | Black Cloud

    Episode 3

    The guys stay up all night while driving from Canada to catch a duck hunt in Oklahoma. Are they crazy?

    We've taken you on plenty of Oklahoma timber duck hunts in the past, but the state is also known for plains duck hunting as well. The northwestern corner of the state is a bit different, and th...

  • 8-Man Limit in 50 Min. | Dr. Duck, Billy Campbell, Rusty Creasey | Black Cloud

    Episode 2

    The guys at Realtree get together to kick off the 2023-24 Federal Black Cloud waterfowl season. Dr. Duck, Billy Campbell, Rusty Creasey, and friends at Realtree put on an epic early season teal hunt in the Louisiana rice fields.

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  • Food Plots for Ducks | 3 Easy Steps with Minimal Equipment | Rusty Creasey

    Episode 1

    Planting your favorite duck holes with a food source can help increase your odds of holding and shooting more ducks this fall. Rusty Creasey has been managing the CocaCola woods for quality duck hunting for over 20 years and has found rice to be the the best food source for duck food plots.