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Federal Premium's Black Cloud

2 Seasons

It's all about the journey, not the destination, and public-land duck hunting is the ultimate challenge. Join Dr. Duck (Dennis Loosier) and Billy Campbell as they chase public waterfowl.

Federal Premium's Black Cloud
  • 2020 Duck Season Kickoff | Getting That North Dakota Green | Black Cloud

    Episode 1

    S2.E1. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell head north for an early start to duck season. Destination? North Dakota. They quickly find the green and get permission to hunt a big cornfield. Let the fun begin.

    0:15 The guys are scouting some spots for the North Dakota duck season. Will they get into some d...

  • Chasing Dakota Ducks | One Last Hunt, Then South Bound | Black Cloud

    Episode 2

    S2.E2. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell finish out their hunting in North Dakota. They find a honey hole, and then cash in. What a hunt.

    0:10 Dr. Duck and Campbell strategize for an upcoming hunt. The former has to fly back home to complete a few days of work, though.

    2:00 The next morning, they sco...

  • A Different Kind of Green | South Dakota Upland Bird Hunting | Black Cloud

    Episode 3

    S3.E3. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell are in South Dakota. It's really warm outside, and so they take a break from the ducks. For now, it's a different kind of green they're after -- pheasants.

    0:05 Campbell fuels up, and gets every last drop out of that hose.

    0:25 They arrive in South Dakota, and...

  • Getting the Green in a Duck Cave | Dr. Duck Blasts Dakota Mallards | Black Cloud

    Episode 4

    S1.E4. Winter is rolling into South Dakota, and Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell find the duck cave. Let's go. They break up the mallard party in grand fashion.

    0:10 Campbell and a few others use onX to digitally scout for ducks. They're trying to find them.

    2:00 Dr. Duck eats donuts, Campbell drive...

  • Racing the Sunset | A Mixed Bag of Ducks at Dusk | Black Cloud

    Episode 5

    S1.E5. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell find the ducks, but will they make it happen before the end of shooting light? Follow along to find out.

    0:05 Dr. Duck and Campbell prep for the morning duck hunt.

    1:15 They put out the decoy spread, and get everything ready for the day.

    2:00 Dr. Duck strateg...

  • A Return to the Duck Cave | Fishing for Mallards | Black Cloud

    Episode 6

    S2.E6. Dr. Duck and Billy return to the duck cave, and hope to strike gold twice. Will they? Let's find out.

    0:05 The crew gets decoys set up and ready for the day's hunt.

    0:45 Ducks start flying, and shells start emptying.

    1:30 They wait for their duck hole to thaw out, and enjoy tasty treats...