Best of Realtree (Waterfowl Hunting)

Best of Realtree (Waterfowl Hunting)

Best of Realtree (Waterfowl Hunting)
  • First Mallard of the Year | Northern Mixed Bag of Ducks | Black Cloud

    S3.E7. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell head northward to kick off the 2021 waterfowl season. They're chasing green in the public lands on the northern waters.

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  • The Year of the Pintail Duck | Honey Brake Experience

    S3.E9. It's the year of the pintail duck at Honey Brake. More of these are moving through southern Louisiana than ever before. Let's dive in and see how incredible this experience really is!

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  • Faith, Family, and Ducks with Duck Commander Justin Martin | A Bone to Pick

    S1.E10. Michael Waddell sits down with Duck Commander Justin Martin to talk faith, family, and ducks. Martin talks about the fame that came from the popular series, Duck Dynasty, and how they never wavered from their beliefs.

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  • Opening Day Arkansas Ducks on Public Land | The Duck Mother Lode | Black Cloud

    S3.E8. Scouting before the season pays off as Dr. Duck finds the mother lode on public land. Mallards are stacked in like cord wood. Now, they just have to get the hole before someone else. It's a sprint to get there. Here, six states are represented for one of the most epic opening days Dr. Duck...

  • Trafficking Mallards on Public Land | Black Cloud

    S3.E16. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell canoe into a new area hoping to traffic a few ducks. The guys also take some time to cook some duck and spend time with the family.

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  • Falling for Sandhill Cranes | Hunting the Sand Hills | Black Cloud

    S3.E5. Dr. Duck and Billy Campbell take a break from hunting public waterfowl to hunt sandhill cranes with Prairie Bomb Outfitters. They're in the thick of the action.

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  • The Duck Guides of Honey Brake | Team Honey Bunch | Honey Brake

    S2.E6. Meet the duck guides of the Honey Brake lodge. These guys pour their heart and soul into duck hunting, and it shows. The Honey Brake crew works like a well-oiled machine when it comes to killing ducks and giving the clients the best possible experience.

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  • Better Than He Found It | Justin Martin on Life and Hunting | Be Real

    The hit A&E reality series "Duck Dynasty" may no longer be airing, but the good times haven’t stopped for one of its stars. Known to many of the show’s fans as “Friar Tuck” or simply, “Martin,” Justin Martin says he’s a happy man doing what he loves, which is working for Duck Commander, chasing d...

  • Ducks and Bucks: Riley Green and Tyler Jordan Hunt At Honey Brake

    S1.E8. This week, country music artist Riley Green and Realtree's Tyler Jordan are on a mission for ducks and bucks at Honey Brake. Green pokes fun whiling singing in camp. "I wish my guide, Drew, put me in a better stand. And I wish every duck had a band," he sung. The verses kept going somethin...

  • Bart Likes Likes the Ducks | Timber 2 Table on the Water | Honey Brake

    S2.E7. Ole Bart Likes brings ducks from the timber all the way back to the table and makes something tasty. Don't miss this recipe.

    1:00 Likes introduces himself, and Honey Brake, too.

    4:45 Then, he learns to shoot ... sort of.

    9:00 Once in the blind, he's ready to live the duck life.

    10:00 N...