Around The Office

Around The Office

Have you ever wondered what goes on around the office at Realtree? Well, here’s a look behind the curtain on the day to day

Around The Office
  • Michael Waddell in the House | Annoyed George | Around the Office

    S1.E1. Waddell educates him on how things work at Realtree. Who agrees with his rock-solid logic?

    There are definitely two types of work and some would argue theirs is more important. Does anyone agree that George needs to move work spaces?

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  • Michael Waddell Conference Meeting | He Isn't Wrong | Around the Office

    Michael Waddell is back in the office, but we can't be sure how seriously he's taking it. Or can we? See what he has to say. He isn't wrong.

  • Michael Requests Time Off Work | This Should Be Good | Around the Office

    S1.E3. Turkey season has arrived and that means it's time to hit the woods, if you have enough time off. Hopefully Michael Waddell has enough vacation days left to get a turkey on the ground.

    0:05 Waddell talks about one of the new guys.

    0:15 Waddell is sort of a big deal, and he says it.


  • Michael Runs the Front Desk | Waddell Answers the Phones | Around the Office

    S1.E4. Sometimes you have to fill into other positions around the office. Today, Waddell is on the phones. What could go wrong?

    0:05 Waddell shows us how to greet a customer, but first has to learn how to use a telephone.

    0:25 He becomes a pro at transferring calls. Or does he?

    1:00 He's "Do-I...

  • It's Closing Time | HeadHunters TV's Nate Hosie in the House | Around the Office

    When it's time to go home ... it's time to go home! Who relates? Nate Hosie sure can, and sings about it ... sort of. Check out his little tune.

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  • New Office Dynamic | Jacob Wheeler and Dustin Connell Arrive | Around the Office

    Realtree Fishing's Jacob Wheeler and Dustin Connell arrive at Realtree headquarters and shake up the office dynamic. What will they do?

    0:01 Scott Hughes talks about Realtree Fishing and the history of the brand.

    0:15 Then, Connell and Wheeler steal the show.

    0:30 Game over.

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