A Bone to Pick Podcast

A Bone to Pick Podcast

21 Episodes

Host Michael Waddell has a bone to pick with the outdoor industry, personalities, music industry, and even his closest buddies. In his first ever podcast, Waddy plans to ask the tough questions, and hold nothing back. Guest from country music singers, to hunting personalities. Nothing is off limits.

A Bone to Pick Podcast
  • Gerald "G-Man" Swindle on the Mic | Talking Hunting and Fishing | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 21

    Michael Waddell sits down with Gerald Swindle to talk hunting, fishing, and life lessons. Gerald Swindle is a professional bass fisherman from Hayden, Alabama. He is also the 2004 and 2016 Bassmaster Angler of the Year.

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  • Waddell's Realtree Beginnings | Reflecting with Tyler Jordan | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 1

    S1.E1. Nothing is off limits when Michael Waddell sits down with Realtree's Tyler Jordan. They cover stories from the early days of Realtree, Waddell's time working for the company, and Tyler growing up with his dad, Bill Jordan.

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  • Ira Dean on the Record | Country Music, Hunting Current Events | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 2

    S1.E2. You may remember Ira Dean as the wild, untamed, crazy, energetic bass player of the country trio Trick Pony, but he's also a hunter and part of the brotherhood. Michael Waddell and Dean discuss current events in the country music world as well as the hunting industry. They also share stori...

  • Waddy Takes on The Undertaker | Life, Wrestling and Hunting | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 3

    S1.E3. Michael Waddell interviews the Undertaker, who sheds light on life, wrestling, and hunting. This should be good.

    1:00 The Undertaker introduces himself, and talks a little about his past.

    8:00 Then, he talks about hunting, and how much he enjoys it.

    15:00 Next, the guys talk about his l...

  • John Anderson Talks Country Music and Gobblers ... On a Plane | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 4

    S1.E4. Country music legend John Anderson visits with Michael Waddell on a plane ride home from a turkey hunt in Oklahoma. Anderson has been in the music business for over 40 years with hits like "Seminole Wind," "Swingin'," and "Straight Tequila Night." Anderson and Waddell discuss his recent to...

  • Michael Waddell on Politics and Hunting | The Current Climate | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 5

    S1.E5. Michael Waddell discusses the current political climate, and what it means to be an outdoorsman. Don't miss this dose of honesty.

    1:30 Waddell kicks off this show with a high level view of what he'll be covering, including things we can be thankful for.

    6:30 Then, he dives into politics,...

  • Ted Nugent Talks About Everything | Rock-n-Roll and Hunting | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 6

    S1.E6. Rock 'n' roll Legend Ted Nugent has a passion like none other for the outdoor lifestyle. The fulfillment he gets from the mystical flight of the arrow is incredibly strong. He and Michael Waddell discuss their passion and love for the outdoors. Don't miss this one. It's lit. Let's go.


  • Nick Mundt Talks Hunting | Is He a Kid in a Man's Body? | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 7

    S1.E7. Michael Waddell and Nick Mundt sit down to take a trip down memory lane. They talk about stories from the early days, Nick's family, and growing up in South Dakota.

    0:05 Welcome to the big show.

    5:00 The guys kick things off and tell a few tales from the past.

    10:00 They talk about whe...

  • Talking With Jay Gregory | 31 years in the Hunting Industry | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 8

    S1.E8. Michael Waddell has a short list of who he would want on an island with him to help them survive. One of which is Jay Gregory. In this episode, Waddell and Gregory talk all things hunting, and then some.

    1:00 They kick things off by talking about how and where the outdoor industry started...

  • Uncle Si Robertson Talks Common Sense | Duck Commander | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 8

    S1.E8. Michael Waddell sits down with Uncle Si to solve the worlds problems with some good ol' boy wisdom. Michael and Si hold nothing back in an episode you don't want to miss. Be sure to check out Si's podcast "Duck Call Room," to hear more stories from the Duck Commander.

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  • Faith, Family, and Ducks with Duck Commander Justin Martin | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 10

    S1.E10. Michael Waddell sits down with Duck Commander Justin Martin to talk faith, family, and ducks. Martin talks about the fame that came from the popular series, Duck Dynasty, and how they never wavered from their beliefs.

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  • All About Public Land Duck Hunting with Dr. Duck | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 11

    S1.E11. Michael Waddell sits down with Dennis "Dr. Duck" Loosier to discuss public land hunting and what we as hunters can do to help conserve and grow public land access. Loosier also talks about his time under a DNR investigation.

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  • "Paw Paw" Waddell Gets Real | Raised Right in Booger Bottom | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 12

    S1.E12. Michael "Waddy" Waddell sits down with his daddy, Edwin "Paw Paw" Waddell. This is one you won't want to miss. They talk about the way he was raised, and how the outdoors has been a source of comfort during difficult times. Paw Paw also talks about his upbringing with several stories, lik...

  • Talking Jimmy John "Sammiches" | Business and Hunting Success | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 13

    S1.E13. Michael visits with his new "longtime" friend, Jimmy John. Jimmy is known for his sandwiches, which started the chain Jimmy John's.  Since selling the business, Jimmy has had time to reflect on his success and spend time in the woods with friends like Michael Waddell, Blake Shelton, and o...

  • Travis "T-Bone" Turner on Archery, Hunting, and Battling Cancer | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 14

    S1.E14. In this episode, we have a long overdue conversation with the biggest bone of them all: Travis "T-Bone" Turner. Turner and Michael Waddell look back at their long friendship. They talk about archery, hunting, and T-Bone's fight with cancer. Please continue to keep our hunting buddy in you...

  • Waddell Waddell and Dustin Huff Talk About the Huff Buck | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 15

    S1.E15. Michael Waddell and Dustin Huff talk about the Huff Buck, which is a record typical whitetail for the United States. That said, it isn't the world record typical, as Milo Hanson's Saskatchewan buck is slightly larger. Still, take nothing away from the Huff buck. It's an incredible deer wi...

  • Thug Nasty | Love for the Outdoors, UFC, and Country | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 16

    S1.E16. Michael Waddell sits down with UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell, A.K.A. Thug Nasty, by the chicken coop at the farm to talk about his love for the outdoors, fighting, and our country.

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  • Talking with Colonel James Nichols | Folds of Honor | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 17

    S1.E17. Michael Waddell sits down with Colonel James Nichols. They talk about elk hunting, Folds of Honor, and more. Follow along as they pick apart some really cool topics, including what it's like to fly a fighter plane. And as always, Waddell brings a little humor and controversy to the table....

  • Kirk Cameron with Camp Firefly | Having Faith and Giving Back | Bone Collector

    Episode 18

    S1.E18. Actor and Evangelical Christian Kirk Cameron sits down with Michael Waddell to talk about his journey in faith, hunting stories, the recent Roe v. Wade court decision, and how he and his wife Chelsea are giving back through Camp Firefly. Cameron is best known for his role in the televisio...

  • Plan Your Hunt of a Lifetime | Nick Mundt on Hunting Trips | A Bone to Pick

    Episode 19

    S1.E19. Have you been wanting to book a hunt of a lifetime but don't know where to start? Follow along as Michael Waddell and Nick Mundt talk hunting on the Bone to Pick podcast. Waddy and Nick have some tips to get you started. To learn more visit www.nickmundt.com.

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  • Ultimate Arrow Build | Travis (T-Bone) Turner | A Bone 2 Pick

    Episode 20

    With Hunting season right around the corner it's time to get your bow setup and arrows build.  This week Michael and T-Bone dig deep into their arrow build and the setup on their new Hoyt. Travis also gives an update on his leg and the next steps he's taking to get up and moving.